Apartment Wall Color Ideas to Boost Your Mood



The colors you choose for your apartment are quite important as they can greatly impact your mood. Some colors can make you nervous and cranky, which is most probably something you do not want to experience on a daily basis. 

Maybe you’ve heard of color psychology. It is a study that deals with the effect of colors on human behavior. Different colors can affect us in different ways. With that in mind, to find the right color for your home, you have to consider your needs. 

Your choice of color should depend on the room, the activities that go on there as well as the feeling you want the space to have. Take a look at our guide for wall colors which can boost your mood.


Calming Colors 

There are some areas of your home that require peace and relaxation, such as your office and bedroom. You usually want these spaces to be serene and help you clear your mind. 

When choosing the color of your bedroom, you thankfully have several options. For example, deep blue is regarded as a hue that is great for allowing mind and body to relax and recuperate. Other shades of blue are also associated with contentment and tranquillity. These colors usually remind people of water and nature, which can create a calming effect. 

In case you have a home office, going with a green hue can provide you with many benefits. Green and earthy tones are known to promote relaxation and concentration as well as reduce stress. You can go for light pistachio or sage, for instance. 

Exposure to pink can also help you reduce anger and aggression. Take Australians for example, they love neutral pink tones, as they can be used in any room. Another color that has a soothing effect is purple. That is why it is commonly used in meditation rooms. Going for shades such as lilac and lavender is your best option. 

On the other hand, white and off-white shades can make a small room look bigger. They might not be calming colors but they leave you feeling clean. White stands for goodness, innocence, and protection and that can automatically make you feel safe. Pale grey and cream are great alternatives if you do not want a sterile-looking white room. 

Creative Colors 


Some rooms just need you to be positive and optimistic. That is why you should paint your kitchen, home office, kids’ rooms and even your living room a nice bright color. 

Yellow is typically associated with optimism and happiness. However, as it can often become exhausting, you should use it in small doses. For example, add a statement wall to your kitchen as it can imbue the space with a positive atmosphere but it won’t make the occupants feel overwhelmed. Muted lemon and honey are fantastic choices depending on your taste. 

Orange is another color known for its energy and warmth. However, it is also great for stimulating appetites. So keep that in mind if your goal is to watch your calorie intake. It is also quite a social and youthful color, which makes it appropriate for your kid’s room as well. If your work requires a lot of energy, you can also use it for the office. Opting for a lighter shade might be a good idea though, so consult with professional painters from Brisbane to see what would look best for the room in question. You can go for peach or terracotta among other things. 

Comfy Colors 

For rooms where you host a lot of people, such as your living and dining room, you should opt for some warm colors. 

Red, for example, is a great color for socializing. If you decide to go for a bright shade, it might be best to only do it in smaller amounts. However, a softer hue can be great for a family space. Burgundy and deep ruby red are many people’s favorite. 

Various shades of brown are also a terrific choice for these rooms. You can achieve a sense of security and warmth with browns. Caramel and chocolate are amazing hues that will make you feel super comfortable. 

Previously mentioned orange and yellow can also be used in these spaces. Ochre, apricot, and orange-red are grounding and balancing hues that can easily lift the mood. 

Keep in mind that these colors can be combined with each other, used for accent walls or neutralized with white or grey. Find the colors that suit your needs the most and implement them in your home. Happy painting!


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