The Top Spring Makeup Trends for 2020



Spring brings about many changes, the trees and flowers are budding, the birds are singing and generally, the whole nature is waking up. It also the time when new beauty trends are being born. This year’s beauty trends reflect the colorfulness of nature seen especially in springtime. And even though this year has started with the whole world being locked up in quarantine due to coronavirus outbreak, it didn’t prevent makeup artists to come up with some extraordinary and unusual makeup trends. Take a look at some of the top spring makeup ideas.

Make Room for Pastel Colors

This year’s spring makeup trends highly reflect the colors present in nature during springtime, namely pastel colors. For example, it’s popular to mix and match colors to achieve a rainbow and dreamy sherbert effect. If you wish to wear a rainbow effect eye makeup, you can combine pastel colors such as yellow, orange, green, blue, and violet. The latter combines shades of purple, blue, pink, and orange. It is said that pastel colors are the new neutral. Pastels are soft, yet bold and contrary to popular belief, applicable to all skin tones when using shades that best fit your complexion. You have probably noticed this water-color like shades all over your Instagram feed – this is the new trend. The colors that are mostly present on the 2020 runaways are pink, coral, lilacs, and baby blues.

Bold Eye and Lip

Everybody who is at least a little bit into beauty and makeup trends know the basic rule: accentuates either the eyes or the lip, never both. However, this year brings a different rule. A new trend suggests wearing matte blue eyeshadow all over the lids together with a bold red lip. This combo suits all skin tones. The best shades to be used are those that resemble watercolor washes. Like every season, a bold red lip is also a trend for this year. Some things never change!

Illuminous Face

Glowy, luminous skin is one of the major trends. There’s not a single look without a clean, bouncy and bright skin. It’s like having a clear glass base all over your face including your eyes, cheekbones, and brow bones. Opposed to previous years’ trends and glossy skin, now it’s trending to have a wet-like skin. In order to achieve this look, you’ll need a good foundation such as a natural liquid foundation and some kind of glimmer, which you can apply to spots you want to illuminate. A tinted highlighter is another option for those wanting to achieve a more everyday approach for their glow. Needless to say, glowy skin requires regular use of skin care products.

Say Hello to Dramatic Eyeliner

Wearing a dramatic eyeliner has become quite popular this spring. You can wear it in so many ways as dramatic is a term that is relative to everybody. We could even say that the eyeliner is going through a reinvention of its own. Makeup artists have come up with some extravagant eyeliner looks including the floating eyeliner. All you need is a highly pigmented and sturdy eyeliner. The popular colors that stand out include a crisp white liner, and some bold colors such as neon green, pink, and orange. You can play with your liner to achieve a trendy and playful look. Combine these eyeliners with mascara and optionally a black eyeliner as well.

Shiny Face Accessories

Including some accessories to our faces has really become a widespread trend. I’ve seen girls use some shiny pearls and rhinestones to add some decoration, color, and style to their look. In order to pull off this look, you don’t need any makeup on your face. All you need is a clean base and some small sticky accessories. You can place them one by one, or in clusters, symmetrically or asymmetrically, on spots that you would highlight with makeup normally. It’s a super-easy way of getting some oohs and aahs.

Feathered Accentuated Eyebrows

Bold, accentuated eyebrows are back in style. The spotlight is back on our arches. In order to achieve this look, you’ll need a brow pomade pencil and you’ll need to perfect your brow lamination technique. The thicker the brows, the better.

‘No Makeup’ Make-Up

Another popular trend is called ‘no makeup’ makeup look. What you do here is you use makeup to make your face look perfect, but without it being so obvious. You want just to hide your flaws and highlight your strengths, without too much makeup. You can even add a bold red lip to this ‘no makeup’ look.

Using makeup allows you to be creative and to play with all the different colors and shades until you achieve a look that you adore. So, take your brushes and start playing around!


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