Don’t Get Stressed out, and Remember to Breathe



We all feel stressed out at times, and it’s rather commonly over the little things that tend to be quite insignificant when you really think about it. Many people tend to make big deals out of infinitesimal things that have no real substance to anything of importance in life—and what would definitely be considered incomparable to any real issues that we have life. We endlessly worry about what if’s, and we tend to develop fears of things like simply standing still for too long as if life is going to pass us by in an instant. Well, it is going to pass us by if we stand still for too long… But not quickly enough to the point where we shouldn’t give ourselves a moment to breathe, relax, and recover—and yes, even from our sometimes insignificant, ludicrous, and sometimes petty worries.

We’re so eager to keep moving at times, that we forget, or even worse, we don’t let ourselves relax and embrace life. We need certain things in life to feel good and to do our best. Therefore, we need to make time to relax and de-stress from everything at times. But most of us figure, if we don’t do something and keep moving constantly, we’re going to miss out or end up alone, wilted, and grey. Many times people fear that taking a brief moment to relax, breathe, and to refresh their system is futile and a waste of time. But the truth is that prayer, meditation, and taking a moment to de-stress is imperative for our own well-being, and in order to keep our peace of mind and sanity.

Happiness is our main goal in life, and in order to achieve that, we don’t really need very much. But one thing that’s integral is to feel balanced in life and to go about our lives in a way in which we feel that everything is under control. Having said that, they are only a certain amount of things that we can control, but most of them are routed from either a good place or a bad place. By referring to a good place or bad place, I’m basically talking about the extent of a person’s inner peace and the level of purity one would hold as a human being. Fact: Anything that’s routed from a good and pure place will turn out better in life. In order to have that type of purity, we need to feel calm and feel the closest to Zen as humanly possible. In order to attain that type of peace and serenity, we need to give ourselves a break, a moment to relax, where we don’t think nonstop of our next move or what will be.

Have you ever noticed that at any particular moment there’s always some discomfort that we’re experiencing in our bodies and minds. Think about it, I’m sure that you have some physical itch, hangnail, worry, concern, or some sense of discomfort or pain that you’re feeling somewhere on your body at this very moment. There’s always something on our minds, in our thoughts, and in our hearts even, that might be bugging or irritating us in some way. Taking a moment to meditate or relax and just listen to the sound of our own breath is one of the best ways to de-stress and detox from all of the little things that surround us and go on throughout our daily lives.

We should all take a moment to turn off our phones, not even to put them on vibrate, but to entirely turn them off and shut down all of the noises and sounds that surround us as much as we can. We’re all so glued to our phones and our electronics these days, that we don’t really remember what it’s like to be without them, to embrace the natural sounds of nature, and the beauty that lies in our very own breath and being. Taking a moment to de-stress is something that we should all do, at least, once a day so that we’re better able to handle all of the little and meaningless things, and even the bigger things as well that go on throughout our daily lives.

It’s important to enjoy life as much as possible, and in any way that we can, we should make the most of what we have. There’s a common, yet, an unfortunate concept of always wanting more that lies mostly in American culture, but it’s something that we can all become more aware of, and try to control to some degree. In America, we have many advantages and things that we should be very grateful for, which other countries tend to lack. It’s always good to be appreciative of the things that we have in life, rather than think of what we lack, especially being that we usually tend to want more.

The funny thing is, or not funny really, more so, ironically, depending on how you look at it, we don’t really need very much to live, survive, or even to feel happy for that matter. We’ve created a world for ourselves in which many times we feel entitled, and as if we must conquer all, and achieve greatness by consuming mass amounts of things that frankly, we don’t really need in order to be happy. This is something that we can all work on as individuals if you’re open to the idea and willing to change for the better.

You can’t undo what has been done, you can’t change the past, and you can’t go back in time. What’s in the past is in the past and it’s important to live in a way in which you’ll feel happier and at peace with your life, and your choices. Many times, carrying the weight around from our past experiences can be draining on our souls, and that’s why we shouldn’t hold onto the feelings from our memories, any mistakes that we’ve made, or any residual anger and bitterness from things that were left without resolution. Let what’s in the past stay in the past. Give yourself a break, and at least a small moment each day to feel at peace. Do whatever you can in order to feel good, starting from within.

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