Birthday Function Venues: Tips to Select the Best One



Children wait for their birthdays all throughout the year. Birthday parties can actually give a pump to their self- esteem as they become the center of attention and get loaded with gifts and surprises from everyone. The planning needs to be perfect which involves deciding the theme of the birthday, making the lists of invitees, choosing the best birthday function venues, how the venue will be decorated, what all will be included in the entertainment section and the food. Birthday parties are full of chaos, a lot of time goes into selecting the best venue. A lot needs to be put into consideration while selecting the venue. 

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Birthday Function Venue

When you’re planning a birthday party, the first question that strikes you is to where will be the party. It won’t bother you much if you wish to celebrate at your house but inviting 50 plus guests for your child’s first birthday or your father’s 50th birthday would definitely require a big venue. There are a few things to consider while selecting birthday function venues.

1. How far is the venue from your surrounding- The birthday venue shouldn’t be very far from your house or your locality. Keep track on how much time it takes to reach the venue. Plus, if it’s a theme party where you have to carry certain props to the venue, it would become difficult if it’s too far. It is advisable to book a place within your locality. If some of your guests are coming from out of the station, then you should book a venue that is known to everyone. Also, the venue location must be well connected with transportation facilities. It is also important to provide a venue map to the guests if the location is new to others. 

You must check the size of the birthday function venues and see if it will be able to accommodate all your guests or not. Your guests should feel claustrophobic due to overcrowding. If the venue has an outdoor seating facility, then space would not be a worry. But if it is a banquet hall, it should have ample space for everyone to move freely. The venue should also have rooms and parking facilities.


The venue that you’re choosing should have in-house catering services. For any party, food is the main priority. There shouldn’t be any compromise on the quality of food provided by the venue managers. Ask for their menu and you can then add customizations to it. Not only food, ask their personal chef to customize the birthday cake according to the theme. Check the reviews by previous clients on the food and their services.

4. The birthday function venues should have their party planners. This means your full responsibility will be taken over by an event management group who would do all the work starting from sending the invites, to the payments, decorations, supervision and other necessary activities. Do not book venues that do not provide planners. These planners can actually put your ideas into a beautiful execution and plan according to your budget.

5. The venue that you would choose must have parking facilities. If you’re planning to invite a lot of people, you have to select a venue with a bigger parking lot.


6. Ask the event managers the kind of entertainment they would provide for the birthday party. Select the kind of entertainment you would want for the party.

7. Choose a venue that charges you reasonably for the services they are providing. It is sheer stupidity if you book a place that can accommodate more than 200 people, but you are inviting only a hundred people. 

Choosing one the best birthday function venues is a hectic task but keeping the above points in mind would make your work easier.


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