Fun Ways To Make Your Child Feel Extra Special on Their Birthday



We all want a little extra attention and love on our birthday. There is nothing that a child will like more on their birthday than feeling loved and special. If your child’s birthday is coming up, here are some of the best ways you can make them feel special.

Let Them Choose a Special Dinner

Is there something more memorable than getting to choose your favourite restaurant for your birthday as a kid? That is why you need to let them do that, even if you don’t particularly want to eat it that day. It is super simple, but it will be one of their favourite birthday memories that can nurture their mental health, too.

Get Them a Special Birthday Plate

What better and cutter thing for your kid than having a special birthday plate that they can use each year. It is a smart investment if you want to start a tradition and get them a really special one, but it will last forever unless you break it. It can be a fun little family tradition that will make your kids feel special.

Leave Little Signs with Silly Poems

If your child is old enough to read, a great fun tradition that you can start with is leaving cute silly poems around the house for them. You can get cute post-it notes of different colours and shapes and write silly little birthday wishes on them. Do it either before they wake up or the night before and if they are going to school, you can leave fun notes in the backpack or their lunch box.

Birthday Week

Kid or adult, no one will say that they don’t want to have a full week of celebrating their birthday. It will make your kid feel incredibly special and it will be a lot of fun. You can also give them little gifts throughout the week and then top it off with the main present on the day of their birthday. But you don’t even need to give them a series of presents, you can just go do fun things that they want to do like arranging a simple family adventure.

Take Lunch to Them at School

If your kid is not embarrassed that you will come to their school, take them their favourite food to school lunch as a surprise. If they have lunch with their best friends, make sure that you get them something that they can eat.

Let Them Have Fun

For those who live in Australia, there is nothing more popular nowadays than hiring face painters to the parties. It’s just something that kids love about having their faces painted. Make sure that you are hiring the best professional face painting in Melbourne so no kid feels disappointed.

Wake Them Up by Singing Happy Birthday

What is cuter than waking up your child and seeing them happy birthday as a family. It will make them feel really loved and special. It is also a great way you can bond with your stepchildren if you have any.

Let Them Choose Their Birthday Cake

Is there something more special as a kid than getting to choose your own cake? Probably not. On the other hand, if your kid doesn’t like to eat cake, they can choose to have whichever birthday dessert that they would like to have. There is no reason why it needs to be a cake.

Balloons In Their Room

One of the most popular ways to make your kid feel special on their body is by decking their room out with balloons. Make sure that you are choosing their favourite colours, patterns or even their favourite characters. To take it a step further you can add things into the balloons as little gifts.

Breakfast in Bed

If your kid has to go to school on their birthday, you can wake them up with breakfast in bed. Bring them something special that they love to eat that they don’t get to have often.

Special Birthday Items to Wear

Another fun thing that you can do to make them feel special on their day is to give them an outfit that they will get to wear all day. Make it something special that you know that they’ll love.

As you can see, there are so many different ways you can make your child feel even more special on their birthday. At the end of the day, something that every kid will appreciate is having their family show them how much they love them.


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