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Most people are torn between linen and cotton for their choice of towels. Some believe cotton towels are the best while others believe there’s nothing like good quality linen towels. Both cotton and linen are organic fibers. For a very long time, cotton towels have been a staple in most households and commercial establishments too. Whether it be your bathroom towel or the fitted lounge chair towels at a luxury hotel, cotton has been the go-to choice. Cotton towels are more easily available at any departmental store, they are more affordable, so it is only logical to consider them as a more practical option.

But with time linen towels are gaining momentum in the market as well. You too must have heard numerous good things about linen towels. But they are definitely more expensive than cotton, and like most other people, you’re unable to decide what would be better. We thought we would set the record straight once and for all. Both cotton and linen have their own pros and cons, but in some areas, cotton seems to score a little higher. 

Linen Is Expensive, Cotton Is Not

First things first, linen is extremely expensive and there’s no denying it. Your bath towels need to be luxurious to touch and feel but not so much from the point of view of price. A high-quality cotton towel will probably cost you half of what a linen towel costs and also last equally long. 

Linen Towels Are Lighter Than Cotton Towels

Linen is naturally lighter than cotton. This makes linen towels very lightweight and easy to store. So linen is a good choice when you need to pack for traveling. Cotton towels take up more space, be it in your travel bag or your wardrobe. They are quite thick and heavy. But this heavy texture also makes them quite comfortable to use. 

Linen towels are lightweight and can be folded to occupy a lot less space. So if you are a frequent traveler or don’t want to dedicate too much space to towel storage in your house, linen towels are the best.

But for home use, cotton towels can be a good choice as well. Also, there are some very lightweight varieties of organic cotton today that will give you almost the same benefits as a linen towel, in this regard.

Both Cotton and Linen Towels Are Extremely Soft


Cotton towels feel soft from the very first use themselves. If you don’t use a good detergent or a fabric softener, though, the fibers tend to become hard and coarse after a few washes. But with proper care and the right methods of washing, good cotton towels can retain this softness for years to come. 

Linen is a very soft material as it is. Linen towels will only get softer over time. So the more you use your linen towels the better they become. But after every wash a linen towel tends to crinkle and become clumped, so you have to be very particular about how you hang them after washing.

High-quality cotton towels will still be softer and more comfortable than linen towels, though. So those with sensitive skin may find cotton towels more favorable.

Cotton Towels Are More Absorbent Than Linen Towels

Many people know that linen is certainly not as absorbent as cotton towels. This is a legitimate concern because that is what towels are meant for. While pure cotton can hold around 25% of its weight in water, linen can hold less than 20% of its weight.

100% cotton towels are the most absorbent. So make sure you choose pure cotton or a high-quality blend of cotton for your towels.

Linen Towels Dry Faster Than Cotton Towels

Linen towels are quick-drying. Cotton towels being thicker and heavier, take a longer time to dry. But this is also because they can soak up water pretty well. The quick-drying nature of linen, however, may be helpful when you are in a hurry or are traveling.

In any case, it is best to dry both cotton and linen towels in good sunlight to ensure that they dry well and do not have any microbial growth due to dampness. Both linen and cotton towels can give off foul smells if not dried well.

Linen Towels Are a Little More Durable

Linen is a durable fabric, made from fibers of the flax plant. It takes a lot of time and works to manufacture high-quality linen, which is why it is more expensive. Linen is claimed to be almost 30% stronger than cotton.

But having said that, there is very little evidence that linen towels can outlast cotton towels. With proper care and maintenance, both cotton and linen towels can last you for ages.

Linen Towels Are Fussier

While your cotton towels may only need a good wash every now and then, linen towels require a lot of care. You need to be sure that you hang them all taut and straight when they are wet, to prevent the linen from getting crumpled when it dries. A crumpled linen towel may again need to be ironed out to make it usable.

Cotton towels need no such additional care. 

Both Cotton and Linen Towels Are Eco-Friendly

Organically cultivated cotton used for making high-quality cotton towels is not treated with any chemicals and pesticides. This makes organic cotton towels very safe on your skin as well as environmentally friendly. Linen is also an organically grown fiber that is not chemically treated. It does not need any pesticides or fertilizers for cultivation. It also requires no additional water as rainwater is enough for its growth.

Both 100% cotton and linen are biodegradable as well as recyclable. So whichever material you choose, you are sure to help the environment from toxic chemicals by doing so.

Both cotton and linen towels are a good choice, but when you look at the practicality and the price, cotton seems to be the winner here. Hope you have an easier time making your pick now. Find some high-quality luxury bath towels, chaise lounge towel covers, fitted lounge chair towels, and other bath and spa accessories at Boca Terry. These products are sure to last you a lifetime and add a touch of grandeur to your space.

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