Top Tips for Packing for a Summer Holiday



For most of Europe, it’s nearly holiday season. The sunny weather is creeping in, which means many of you are probably dreaming of your next adventure in warm weather. Whether you’re counting down the days to your holiday, or you still need to book one, you will know that packing can be a stressful experience! After all, you can’t take your whole wardrobe with you.

Being selective and preparing properly for your summer holiday can make packing much easier. So, whether you’re going for a long weekend break in Italy or a two-week relaxing trip to Greece, here are some top tips to help you prepare and pack efficiently!

Always Plan Ahead

This advice goes to your whole holiday, from booking your trip to sight-seeing when you get there. However, packing, in particular, can take some organization, especially for holidays like city breaks or multi-destination trips.

Before packing, always check the weather forecast for your chosen destination. This should be a huge factor in deciding what clothes to take with you. If the weather is looking a little unpredictable, always have some backup outfits for cooler weather or if there’s a chance of rain.

It is sometimes helpful to plan outfits before you pack your clothes. This can stop you from over-packing, and you’ll arrive at your destination with ready-made outfits for each day. This will also make it easier to get ready in the morning!

Think About Your Accessories

When packing your outfits, think about all the extras that go with them. This can include anything from jewelry to shoes. Make sure you only pack accessories that will go with the clothes you have chosen and keep it to a minimum. You’re unlikely to wear 5 different necklaces on a weekend break!

Something you should also carefully consider when packing is your underwear. Your upcoming holiday may be a romantic one, in which case you should take a minute to choose some beautiful knickers to take with you! Styles such as French knickers, bikini briefs, and thongs are very flattering and can boost your confidence, as well as the mod, on your couples retreat.

Roll, Don’t Fold

This is a very popular packing method, and for good reason. Rolling your clothes, instead of folding them, can help to create more space in your suitcase. So if you are an over-packer, you can rest assured that you can take those extra 3 dresses!

Rolling your clothes when packing them into your suitcase can also prevent creases, which is very handy when it comes to unpacking at your hotel.

Check What Your Hotel Provides

It’s easy to get carried away packing all the essentials, and more. Take a look at the hotel website and check what amenities are provided, as this could save on crucial weight in your luggage.

Most hotels will provide basic toiletries including body wash and shampoo, so unless you’re precious about using your own, it’s a great way to avoid packing heavy toiletries bottles. Likewise, some hotel bathrooms will have a hairdryer available for you too, which is great for extra space-saving.


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