Ideas for Staying in Contact With Loved Ones While in Quarantine



Traveling to or meeting up with family and friends is not easy to do while in quarantine due to safety risks and restrictions. However, there are ways to interact without being in the same home or venue, which can strengthen your relationship and boost your mental and emotional health. Continue reading to learn how you can stay in contact with loved ones and have meaningful interactions with them while in quarantine.

Video Chats

Seeing your loved one’s faces in real-time is one of the most effective and emotionally beneficial ways to communicate during quarantine. You can turn on your phone camera and start chatting through a variety of applications and platforms. Video chats can include multiple family members and close friends, as long as everyone has acceptable devices and applications. With a video chat, you can also show your loved one further additions to your home, conduct many fashion-like shows, or any other type of visual interaction you would like, whether you are nearby or miles away.

Social Media

With these platforms, you can post real-time messages and view videos and photos of your loved ones. Social media also allows you to discuss some of your favorite films, television shows, actors, and more on your social media accounts. For example, if a celebrity posts behind-the-scenes pictures or starts a discussion about their latest song, you and your loved ones can comment with each other, among other fans from around the world. These are actions that provide you with the connection you crave but are unable to have at the moment. In addition to commenting on entertainment, news, and other events, you can watch these things in real-time with each other from the comfort of your home by using a web-enabled device.

Two-Way Messaging

If you want to send pictures and messages to your loved ones from your smartphone or other applicable devices, a 2-way messaging application is a great way to do so during quarantine. You can chat about funny times or create new memories with words. This gives you more flexibility instead of planning out video chats and telephone calls at specific times. This is a great option for those with busy work and school schedules.

Create Music Playlists

Talking, texting, and video chatting are not the only ways to connect with a loved one. You could write letters, but to make the action even more creative and fun, it would be good to create music playlists on various streaming platforms. Creating a playlist that your loved ones can add to could keep you all updated with your current musical preferences while learning more about each other.

These strategies can make interacting during quarantine easier without compromising the mental and emotional realness. Remember that quarantine may not last forever, but it doesn’t have to stop you from safely connecting with those you love, even if you are long-distance or remote. Try some of these strategies to combat loneliness and stay connected to your loved ones during this difficult phase of life.


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