Crayons and Creativity: Better Ways You Can Show Off Your Kids’ Artwork at Home



Kids often love to color, draw, and create pieces of artwork for the people they love. Most people stick those images to the fridge for all to see. However, at some point, parents and grandparents run out of room in front of their refrigerators and need to find more creative ways to display their children’s artwork. If you’re looking for some new and interesting ways to display your kids’ art projects, consider these.


When you begin running out of room on the fridge, consider moving the pieces into a scrapbook. This will be an easy and fun way to keep your child’s artwork instead of tossing it away once you run out of room. If you arrange them chronologically, you can even display the evolution of their artistic style and their developing skills.

Since your little one enjoys creating masterpieces for you, they will probably enjoy helping you put together the scrapbook. Turn it into a family activity with snacks and conversation.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are fairly easy to make. All you really need is a mold and something to fill it with. So, if your child has painted rocks for you or made beads or bracelets, you can combine all these items with fast-dry cement or another stepping stone mix to create unique stepping stones for the garden. Not all artwork is two-dimensional, and this is a great way to display some of your little artist’s 3D artwork.

Mantel Displays

If you have a fireplace, it can be the perfect place to display your child’s artwork. Attach a string from one end to the other, adding clothespins every couple of inches. Simply clip a painting or drawing onto each clothespin. You can even do a different strand for each child. Just remember that if you use your fireplace regularly, you need to keep paper products well away from where any sparks might escape.

Custom Framing

Just like our children, their artwork is unique. It isn’t always a one-size-fits-all situation. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to frame their masterpieces. If you have any homemade creations from your babies that you want to keep and protect from the elements, framing it is important. With custom framing, you can choose the size, color, texture, material, and shape of your art frames, making it easy to highlight any picture.


Technology has made many advancements in the quilting world. Now, you can scan your child’s artwork to create quilt blocks and patterns. If you don’t know how to sew, you can find someone on Etsy or a similar site. They can help you make a lovely, custom quilt that you and your children will cherish for years to come.

Children enjoy making art for the people they love. We cherish their artwork and want to keep it, but sometimes it can be difficult to find new ways to display their masterpieces without making your home look messy. Rather than leaving old art projects to collect dust in storage boxes in the garage or the back of a closet, follow the steps above to find new and lasting ways to both display and preserve your children’s creations.


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