Emergency Essentials You Should Have if Your Car Breaks Down



Traveling safely is pretty easy to do these days. Technology has improved cars, tires, and roads to a point where we are much less likely to experience the kinds of roadside breakdowns that our grandparents did. Even so, there are still plenty of hazards out there that can put us in the emergency lane. You must prepare yourself for those moments, especially because we don’t expect them anymore. Because they happen less, they can be more inconvenient when they do. Here are four things you should do to prepare yourself for when your car breaks down.

Jump-Start Equipment

Computerized power management has enabled our cars to turn off headlights and most of the other battery-draining systems that used to cause problems, but batteries don’t last forever. At some point, your battery will not take a charge, and you’ll be left high and dry. Get a good set of jumper cables, or better yet a portable jump-start pack, so that you don’t have to find another vehicle. These are also helpful to have in case a friend or family member’s car breaks down.

Tire Basics

Everybody knows there’s a spare in the trunk, but we’re not all prepared to use it. In terms of quality, tires today are very unlikely to just fail, but even the best tires probably won’t survive a nail puncture. Keep an eye on your spare and make sure you have aired it up. Read the directions on how to remove and use the jack. Consider getting a better lug wrench to keep in the car, and add a pair of gloves and an old blanket or rug to help you stay clean and safe during the change. Make sure there’s a good flashlight in the car too. Getting the best essentials for your vehicle, such as Nissan tires, can help prevent emergencies as well.

Extra Fluids

Just as your body can’t survive without blood, your vehicle can’t go very long without essential fluids. A slow leak can escape your attention until something doesn’t work right, or until a routine check reveals the deficit. Keep a jug of pre-diluted antifreeze in the trunk as well as some brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and oil. Some of these won’t cause a sudden breakdown, but replenishing them when they are low can sure help prevent one.

Safety Gear

Nobody ever breaks down on a sunny day while driving on a nice, wide highway with an empty parking lot close by. It’s always on a dark, rainy stretch of curvy road. Prepare yourself for safety. Get some reflective rain gear, battery-operated flares, and flashlights with extra batteries. Store these items in your car where they are easy to access in an emergency.

Roadside breakdowns aren’t the problem that they used to be, but they’re as dangerous as ever. Preparation can keep you safe and may even get you back on the road with a few simple repairs. Keep the above tips in mind and stock up your car ahead of time, so that you’ll be prepared when your car breaks down.


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