Emotional Fitness: 5 Simple Exercises for More Emotional Balance and Stronger Mental Health



I can’t stress enough this Latin saying: “Mens sana in corpore sano.” It means a healthy mind in a healthy body; it expresses the importance of keeping your body healthy so our mind can genuinely be healthy as well. Our body is a temple for our mind, so the fitter our body is, the stronger our mental health will be, and the more balanced our emotions will become.
Regarding how, well, let’s think about it. We all know about the runner’s high, which is fueling your body with endorphin – the mood booster. When we exercise, there are a lot of interesting processes that happen in our body, and their effect on our mind is even more interesting. Stick with us and find out our top 5 exercises for more emotional balance and stronger mental health.

1. Yoga

When it comes to emotional balance and mental health, well, there’s no better exercise than yoga. Yoga is all about harmony, and it is well known for its health benefits. Even more, yoga is not just a simple exercise or a posture to stretch our muscles.

Yoga combines exercising with meditation and breathing techniques that will work together to make you feel relaxed, to feel better in your body, and it brings a sort of peace.

We all know that meditation is exactly what one needs for strong mental health, and the breathing exercises are amazing for emotional balance. As well, a friend of min
e wrote his dissertation on yoga and he used dissertation services, and it noted that your body feels amazing in the shortest time possible in comparison with many other practices.

2. Walking

While walking doesn’t look much like an exercise, it is more than enough to reach emotional fitness. This exercise will take you longer than the rest since it will take longer to feel some sweat from walking.

But walking is good for mental health because it’s a very relaxing activity. When you walk, you also meditate if you admire the surroundings or focus on your breath. A nice long walk, regardless of the intensity of your walking, it is also very helpful for your emotional balance.

Emotional balance has everything to do with our state of being. It is easier to control your emotions and to observe them when you feel good and relaxed than when you are stressed out or depressed.

3. Running

Running is a bit better than walking because of its intensity. When we run, there’s something very interesting that happens. Some chemicals from our brain are activated, and they’re doing this amazing thing: they defuse important neuronal stress pathways.

I find this phenomenon very interesting as running is basically defeating the enemy number one of mental health. And while those chemicals are doing wonders in our brain, we can also meditate and overcome any enemy of mental health from more sides.

4. Pilates

Pilates is a very mindful activity, and many consider it similar to yoga for this reason. Pilates isn’t amazing only for your back and core strength; it also a great way to connect your mind and body because, in Pilates, it is said that you control your body with the mind.

Pilates is focusing a lot on how your body feels, which is a great practice of meditation. According to more
top resume reviews I read on this practice, Pilates is recognized for improving sleep quality, which is a key aspect of our mental health.

5. Dance

While dancing is one of my favorite ways of exercising. First of all, you can dance in any manner you want; you don’t have to take a course, on the contrary. Just play your jam and get your body moving around.

Dancing stands out from the rest because you are having a lot of fun, and you can express yourself.

Dancing is the perfect exercise because you can express your feeling is the best way ever, and because of the rhythm, your body will easily find its balance.

No matter what kind of exercise you choose, one key element applies for all; that is consistency. If you exercise only every once in a while, there won’t be a lot of benefits to harvest.

But I believe that 15 minutes per day for your emotional balance is more than reasonable. The more you exercise, the better. You are doing it for yourself, so it is your job alone to motivate yourself to improve the quality of your life.

If you don’t take control of your life, you just decided to live in chaos. There’s always something you can do to be better and do better; you just have to want it bad enough.


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