5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Hot Summer Months



The weather is getting warmer, and you intend to have loads of fun in your new car. It is going to be the last summer you will be able to enjoy for a long time. This means you want your car to be able to handle the days of hot sunshine well. Here are a few ways you can get your car ready to handle the coming months of endless heat.

1. Getting Your AC Ready

The last thing you want is to be drenched in sweat in your car throughout the whole summer. This means it is time to have any repairs done to your car’s AC that is necessary before the summer months start pouring on the heat. If your AC is working, it still will be a good idea to have the AC recharged to get more cooling action going on inside your car when you are driving.

2. Changing the Upholstery or Adding Seat Covers

While black leather seats may look awesome, they have a tendency to attract heat during the summer months. Installing a lighter color upholstery will tend to reflect light and heat, rather than absorbing light and heat. This can make it much easier to keep your car far cooler when driving to the beach and other hot spots in the summer. Alternatively, you can just as easily cover your leather seats with other materials and seat covers that prevent the heat accumulation in your car. Some seat covers these days are also
fan-cooled for better temperature control.

3. Blocking the Light and Heat

The light from the sun does not only heat up your car, but it can do damage to the interior of your car over time as well. This is why you should consider ways of blocking out the sunlight passing through your car’s windows. Tinting windows can help to some degree. Using reflective screens on the windows when you are not driving can help to reduce heat and sun damage also.

4. Change from All Season Tires to Summer Tires

If you are intending on getting the best performance out of your car’s tires on sun-heated surfaces, then you will want to exchange the all-season tires on your car for summer tires instead. Summer tires handle better with gripping the hot summer road, and they handle better in the rain as well. If you live in a climate that gets cold part of the year, then switching back to all-season tires during the colder months is recommended. But, if you live in a region that is relatively warm all year round, then you can keep the summer style of
Nissan tires on your car all year round.

5. Feeling Cooler in Your Car

After making a few changes to your car, you are finding that it is much easier to handle the heat this year than it was last summer. This means you and your car are going to have the time of your life, and not have to sweat so much while enjoying yourself. Additionally, any passengers you take along with you will be comfortable as they remain cool in your car too.


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