What To Look For When Finalizing Your Wedding Venue



Undoubtedly, a wedding is considered the most auspicious moment in one’s life, and it is normal to have a craze in this event. And it is this craze that pushes us to call all our relatives, friends, and family members in one place to make your wedding unforgettable. Hence, we try our best to please them all so that nobody goes home unsatisfied. But, alongside this ‘pleasing all’ – thing cost a lot.  Here is a checklist to look through, so nobody goes unsatisfied, including your pocket.

How To Choose the Best Wedding Venue

Area Coverage and Open Place

First, remove all the wedding venues that don’t meet the capacity of the number of your guests. It is assumed that you already have prepared the list of your guests and you need to choose a venue according to the number of guests.

Availability of Accommodation

Ask the venue authority if they have got any accommodation system for the guests to come. It often happens that several guests prefer not to travel at night to their home due to the distance they need to drive to reach their home, and you need to ensure that the wedding venue has got the system to accommodate at least 10-15% of your guests. Those who lack this facility are out of the list unless you have too little guest count to accommodate at your place.

Permits and Insurance and License, etc.

Ask your preferred wedding venue, whether they have the proper licensing, other permits, insurance, etc. If they do not have such documents, then you should remove their name from the list immediately because you can get intertwined into law infringement as the organizer.

Cancellation Policy & Deposits, etc.

Although it is unlikely to happen, if your wedding gets delayed or you wish to take this ceremony to another venue, better ask before keeping a piece of knowledge about their return policies in this regard. They can change the date and book another date for your wedding free of cost if the respective date is available. Otherwise, you can claim a refund according to their refund policy.


You must know about the things restricted in their premise and surrounding locality. To have an insight of the extra entertainment includible like firecrackers, loud noise (DJ), liquor, etc.

Weather Backup

Ask the wedding venue authority to introduce you to their weather backup system. If it starts raining then you cannot conduct your party in an open-air area, and you must check whatever they have to any alternative indoor seating area for your guests or not.

Cost and Services

The important part – Assess the services provided and the looks and facility of your wedding venue against its cost. And, by this assessment, choose the best venue that suits your budget and is the most satisfying to your budget. And forget not to ask for any hidden charges like those in various taxes, parking charges, etc.


It’s good to have someone constantly overlooking the work, as one of your friends from a management background or your manager or the cook you want. In that case, there might be a conflict between you and the venue authority. So, better ask beforehand if they can allow someone outside their premises to take over the management only for you.

Weddings are often considered the most auspicious moment in one’s life, so why not make it unforgettable. There are services out there that take money to do the same as the checks mentioned above, so now you can use that money to have a broader range of services to avail to your guests and please them.


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