5 Easy Ways to Make Your Staff Members More Productive



The more productive everyone in your team is, the better your business is going to do – simple as that. However, you shouldn’t just sit and expect your staff members to start getting more work done. Instead, it’s your job, as the business owner, to design an office space that inspires and creates a healthy working environment. With that in mind, here are five easy ways to make your staff members more productive.

1. Encourage Them to Quit Multitasking

People often believe that by multitasking, they’ll manage to get more work done. That’s why you might get to see some of your employees tackling two or more tasks at the same time. Still, studies have shown that multitasking causes a 40 percent drop in productivity. Firstly, multitasking is known to cause stress which is considered to be productivity’s enemy number one. Secondly, multitasking makes your staff members more prone to making mistakes and more likely to have to go back to their previous tasks when they detect those mistakes.

2. Bring In Some Extra Greenery

Another great way to increase workplace productivity is to decorate your office using greenery. Working in a stylish office is always a plus and potted plants are guaranteed to add some looks to your office. The best part of it is that there are some plants that require minimal care if you want them to look amazing at all times. Not to mention that greenery helps keep the air inside your office fresh and allows your employees to stay healthy. If you want to bring in some extra potted plants into your office, consider getting English Ivy and Bamboo Palm.

3. Opt for LED Lights

Standard incandescent bulbs are known for producing heat and causing stress, both of which can have a negative impact on how productive your employees are. Luckily, there are better solutions at the moment and we keep seeing more and more businesses making a switch to LED lights. Not only that these lights help your employees get more work done but they can also help your company save money as they use less energy and last longer. All you need to do is turn to a company that can offer you an LED lighting solution for professional purposes that best fits your office.

4. Help Them Stay Hydrated

Studies have shown that brain functions including short-term memory and focus can all be impaired when water loss reaches just 2 percent of body weight. This means that if your staff members aren’t staying hydrated, chances are they’re not as productive as they could be. Not to mention that hydration affects happiness and getting enough water can help your employees have a more enjoyable time in the office. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy water coolers and keep them in easy-to-reach spots in your office.

5. Build a Break Room

Taking enough breaks restores motivation and prevents decision fatigue, something that can have a serious impact on your company’s operations. However, breaks aren’t effective when your employees spend them on scrolling through social media and checking sports results. The best way to make sure they really recharge their batteries is to have a designated place for taking breaks. As long as you have some extra space in your office, designing a break room shouldn’t be tough. All you need to do is invest in comfortable seating options, a coffee table and maybe even a gaming console.

Helping your staff members be more productive isn’t nearly as difficult as some people believe. Follow these five easy ways and there’s no doubt you’ll soon see them start getting more work done.


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