Eric J. Dalius on the Ways of Mitigating the Effects of COVID-19 on Your Business Venture



The pandemic that spread all across the world has exposed the human race to unprecedented situations. It has resulted in a global crisis for the business sector too. Business entrepreneurs all around the globe have experienced concern regarding their business venture during the lockdown.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is an exceptional phenomenon as it comes along with uncertainty in every sphere. For most individuals coping up with the fate of COVID-19 has been a challenging task. Eric J Dalius here tries to highlight how you can resort to mitigating the effects of COVID-19.

Some Critical Areas of Action That You Should Know

You Should Review the Workforce Location and Provisions Related to Traveling:

Primarily, you must prioritize an organization’s employees. As an owner, you should make efforts to gather information regarding your staff and also their background. As a responsible business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees’ safety and security. Your company should make policies addressing the employees in particular. According to EJ Dalius, it is these policies that reveal the overall image of a company. As far as possible, you should provide traveling allowances for your employees so that they can come to the organization safe and sound.

Try to Revisit Your Continuity Plans:

Every reputed organization has a crisis or continuity plan to cope with unprecedented situations. However, that is a difference between theory and practice. Many times the policies that get framed do not work in the real setting. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to generate plans to cope up with specific challenges. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep into consideration while working out the program.

Evaluation of Supply Chain:

As an entrepreneur, you should clearly understand your supply chain. The supply chain will help you to expose any vulnerability. You will first have to begin with the most critical products and then go beyond the second-tier suppliers. You will have to comply with the hierarchy of suppliers so that there is no discrepancy.

Try to Identify the Areas of Failure:

For any organization, it is essential to identify the potential areas of challenge. These areas are responsible for the overall loss of any organization. Eric Dalius harps on this area as it can bring about highly lucrative outcomes. If you identify the areas of failure, you will be able to work out the policies to address the failures. Hence you can get your organization out of an unusual situation.

For any business venture, it is essential to have a perfect strategy to combat any challenging situation. It would help if you made every possible attempt to get all your resources in one place and try to utilize it to your advantage. It will breed fruits for the organization if you do it tactfully. It is a new crisis that is confronting humanity, so try to cope with the situation. While in public places, you should keep in mind that you are susceptible to the disease. So take note of the precautions to stay healthy. Also, at home, you should practice healthy habits to boost your immune system. If you are healthy from within, then external factors cannot harm your health. So workouts on a proper strategy for combating COVID-19, strategize, and plan your business venture to overcome obstacles.


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