6 Unhealthy Habits of Quarantine Life We Should Leave Behind




The time we spent in quarantine has immensely affected all of us and left us with some unhealthy habits. All of a sudden, getting back to reality seems a lot harder than we imagined. For these reasons, getting back to a healthier pattern of living is one of the best things you could do to help yourself get back to normal.

1. Panic-Eating Comfort Foods

The first unhealthy habit we developed during the quarantine is binge eating comfort foods. Global pandemic and the current state of constant stress has made a lot of people turn to comfort foods. Most of this food is food that we enjoyed in our childhood or something that we are attached to because it was emotionally soothing to us at certain times of our lives. These types of food make us feel good. They help us release more neurotransmitters in the brain which results in mood improvement. 

Even though this food temporarily makes us feel better, they have many negative effects on our health. For instance, they are high in carbohydrates and fat. Leaving this bad habit behind is one of the best things you can do after the pandemic. Try to switch to eating more fresh fruits and veggies and eat less processed foods. 

2. Social Media Binges

Having spent so much time at home many people have started interacting with our social media platforms more than usual. This type of
internet addiction can be very damaging to the brain. Daily online activity can interact with your brain chemistry in such a way that it causes addiction. 

However, when you’re trapped in your house for days without end it’s easy to get distracted and forget about all the negative influence that the Internet causes.

In addition to that, constantly checking on coronavirus updates can really harm your mental health. Not only that, but the increased blue light exposure will seriously mess with your sleep patterns. As a result, this can negatively affect your immune system. Instead of turning to social media when you are bored, try rereading some of your favorite books, or painting, or even trying out a new hobby. 

3. A Total Lack of Structure

It has been especially challenging to keep up with a certain schedule during the quarantine. Once we are left on our own to create our own routine, we actually end up not doing anything. We completely end up forgetting about time and how to organize it. 

No matter how hard it seems, try to make your own routine and stick to it no matter what. This kind of stability will help you stay sane. 

4. Not Taking Care of Our Physical Health

Not taking consistent care of our physical health may have been one of the unhealthiest habits we have developed in quarantine. Maintaining a healthy amount of everyday exercise was a challenging task. This has been a major issue for many people across the world.

Keeping up good physical health doesn’t have to come down to just regular exercises though. Regular physical activity, both outdoor and indoor exercise, should be high on your priority list. In addition to this, you should also consider taking up physiotherapy treatment at
Revive Physiotherapy to reduce any discomfort or pain caused by sitting all the time. 

5. Forgotten Relationships

This time we spent alone has given us an opportunity to get back to ourselves and heal. However, many people also feel like they have drifted apart from some of their close friends due to this forced distance. No matter how connected we are through social media with each other, many people have lost touch with friends simply because we have all felt lonely and isolated during these hard times. That is why getting back to reality and rekindling some dear and close friendships is another one of those habits we need to get back to as soon as we feel better.

6. Trying to Have Total Control

Lastly, the constant fear of unpredictable has affected many people. Many often felt the need to grasp control over the situation. However, the situation is out of our control and no matter what we do it is not going to change the course of events. This type of realization is hard to accept and deal with but it is something we have to face if we want to get better and learn how to handle a situation like this. That’s why working on how you handle stressful situations is very important for your health. Try doing meditation for beginners, or consider finding a hobby that will help calm your nerves when you feel like you’re on the edge.

All things considered, most of us have developed some of the unhealthy habits during the time we spent in quarantine. You should know that you’re not alone in this and you definitely shouldn’t let this get to you. Give yourself some time to heal and slowly get back to fixing these unhealthy habits of quarantine life. 

Mianna Korben

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