Feeling Off? How to Spot a Hormonal Imbalance



Hormones are the chemicals that regulate human body systems and are transported via the blood among other ways. These chemicals are vital to normal functioning and are connected to nearly everything in your body, so it’s important to keep an eye on them. Here are some helpful ways to spot a hormonal imbalance in case you start to feel off.

Sudden Weight Gain or Loss

Hormones work to regulate appetite, or how much a body wants to eat, as well as how quickly it’s digested, or metabolism. It’s easy to see how if hormones were unbalanced, they could cause issues in this direction – having more of an appetite than a body’s metabolism can handle can cause weight gain, while the reverse can cause its loss. If you notice a drastic change in your weight with little alterations to your diet, consider having your hormones tested to make sure there isn’t something more serious at play. 

Difficulty with Sleep

Having trouble getting to sleep or sleeping in excess could be caused by hormonal imbalance. Having an irregular sleep schedule can be a problem as well as the cause of others, so it’s a good idea to see a professional if this problem arises. If this is something you suffer with, you might be able to be prescribed hormones that will keep things in balance and regulate your sleeping patterns

Dry or Sensitive Breasts, or Unpleasant Periods in Women

Sexual and reproductive systems are massively affected by hormones. Having periods that are particularly painful, heavy, long, or short can be a warning sign. Women’s bodies are constantly in hormonal shifts whether it be preparing for childbirth or recovering from it. It’s important for women to keep an eye on their hormones to reduce the risk of infertility among other effects. Make sure your periods are regular and make any adjustments if they aren’t. Diet can play a large role in women’s hormones, so avoid processed, fried, and sugary foods, especially leading up to your menstrual cycle. 

Reduced Sex Drive and Sperm Count

Effects of hormone imbalances in men, typically caused by low or high testosterone, can include prostate cancer, so it’s vital to keep an eye on things. If sex drive is particularly low out of nowhere, there’s a reason for it. Clinics like
NuMale Medical Center can help with diagnosing this type of imbalance. They offer low testosterone treatment as well as hormone replacement therapy.

Many things can be signs of a hormone imbalance, but what’s most important is to know how your own body regularly functions so that any differences are noticeable. Natural remedies for slight hormone imbalances exist, but be sure to seek a professional’s advice if necessary. Different sorts of teas can be helpful as well as natural oils and roots. Healthy habits to maintain a healthy balance include working out and exercising, eating non-processed foods, not cooking with non-stick pans, stretching regularly, and using less toxic cleaning chemicals. Hormone imbalances can cause massive problems, but they’re easy to keep in check.


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