Find Meaning and Purpose by Working and Traveling Abroad



Each and every one of us went through the feelings of being stressed, overwhelmed by expectations and simply lost. While sometimes staying still and listening to your body feels right, other times, packing your suitcases and having a change of scenery can really help you find meaning and purpose in life. Here’s how working and traveling abroad allows you to discover your true calling and figure out this complicated life. 

Stand Face to Face With Your Fears 

One of the biggest benefits that working and living in a foreign country brings you is courage. No matter how hard you try, traveling will always force you to 
leave your comfort zone and face your fears! For instance, I was never the most confident communicator, but when I found myself in Hong Kong, a city of over 7 million people, I simply had to find the courage to practice my skills, ask questions, make friends and just communicate! And, that’s when I realized I’m actually quite good at conveying my message, transferring knowledge and connecting with people even across the language barrier! Through traveling, you can really realize your full potential, overcome your fears and find your purpose.


Look at Things From a Different Angle 

Another reason why traveling and living abroad is so meaningful is because it provides you with an opportunity to remove yourself from the usual triggers in your environment and to expose your psyche without any consequences. No one knows you when you’re 10,000 miles away from home, so no one can judge you! This will greatly help you realize who you really are and who you want to be in the future! 

Learn About Yourself 

Traveling is like reading a book: by getting immersed in other people’s lives, you will learn about others, but also find out many interesting things about yourself. I started my travel adventures by teaching English to foreigners. Programs like 
Monkey Tree TEFL courses offer an easy and affordable way to travel, meet new people and see places you never thought you’d see! However, they can also help you discover your calling. For instance, I realized that my purpose in life is to share my knowledge and experiences with people and help them on their path to success!


Find What You’re Grateful For 

Living and working in a foreign country can not only help you realize what you want to change in your life but also what you want to keep and nurture. You’ll gain a newfound appreciation for your life back home and you’ll realize just how many things you take for granted every day. Sometimes, traveling helps people realize that their purpose in life lays right at home! 

Enjoy Simplicity 

Every trip starts with a few bags and suitcases. This might seem stressful at the beginning, but you soon realize how little you need to be happy! Once you shed some of the excess you have at home, you’ll see the real meaning of life: what’s important is not what you have, but what you are!


The Master Becomes a Student 

Traveling and living away from home is the best teacher in life! 
It teaches you to have an open mind, to be receptive and to welcome new and foreign experiences. You’ll get to see many different ways in which people deal with hardships, professional issues, and family problems. These lessons will push you to grow and become a better parent, partner, friend and boss or employee. Working on yourself is definitely one of the most important parts of life!

There’s a purpose in every new adventure you take and every new opportunity comes across your path for a reason. So, make sure to leave your comfort zone, travel and work abroad, and soon, your true purpose will show itself!

Amy Mia Goldsmith

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