How Millennial Women Are Changing the Game



If we want to compare the lives of women in their 30s today and women in their 30s some 50 years ago, we will see that what we already achieved is truly amazing! Most women of today have an opportunity to pursue education and a career, have financial freedom and strong will to be independent individuals. As a matter of fact, millennial women have a potential to become the most financially independent generation of women ever! But, how are they making such a big boom and completely changing all the rules in the book? 

Investing in the Future

Many studies show that women between 20 and 40 have well-defined financial goals and are very motivated to achieve it which is very important in gaining financial independence. But, even though women are still less likely to invest money, we are slowly making our way in the game.

The Sale Game

Even though women still represent only 39% of sale personnel, this number increased by 3% in the last 10 years, just when millennials entered the job scene. And, women show no signs of stopping! We are great at building long-lasting relationships with clients, we are great at collaboration with colleagues and have a valuable insight into social media. Women who enter the industry have a huge opportunity to become influencers and fill the male-dominated senior leadership positions in the near future!  


Education for Everyone 

Millennial women are more likely to have a degree in higher education than their male peers. Plus, we are present in more fields than our mothers and sisters—women are visible in everything from science to finance. However, even though the 
barrier to more profitable majors still exists, it is predicted to disappear in the very near future.

The Art of Giving 

Don’t think that millennial women aren’t also changing the way we perceive charity! Up until now (or a few years back), baby boomers were the main group fueling non-profit organizations with money that should change the world. However, as generous boomers age, they are slowly being replaced by Gen Xers and older millennial donors, especially women in their 30s. But, why are there so many female philanthropists in that age group? Well, we have enough money to donate, we are culturally diverse and connected to the world in a new way and we are motivated to make a real difference! But, we are also being smarter with our donations! Today, it’s not enough to serve a sob story and expect money.

Millennial women want to make a change that is sustainable and long-term. For instance, one especially interesting program for Australian female donors is 
supporting education foundation scholarships that help smart girls with socio-economic hardships get a more affordable education. Scholarships like this one make a visible change and have the potential to change someone’s life forever—that’s what we want to invest in!


Let Me Entertain You 

Even though there’s a stereotype that millennials are only sitting in their rooms, wasting time and money on gaming, the truth is that this generation has (and will have) an enormous impact on video games. More women than ever before enjoy gaming, but we are also stepping into leadership roles in the gaming industry that has long been dominated by men. Female voices have a shot to open some new doors, create amazing opportunities and really shake up this $100 billion industry! But, video games are not the only entertainment branch affected by millennial women. We are crushing the pay gap, sexism and 
gender inequality in all spheres of showbiz! Hollywood, watch out! 

From sales and investing to charity and entertainment, millennial women are truly changing the game and pushing boundaries every day. The future is indeed female! However, we still face significant barriers that will need to be obliterated, so keep fighting!


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