How to Plan a Safe Getaway Vacation During COVID-19



Traveling has always required a bit of planning, but the coronavirus pandemic has added an additional element to the calculus. Now, you need your vacation to be safe as well as interesting and relaxing. Luckily, there is plenty you can do to hit the road without putting your family at significant risk. Take these tips to heart as you consider your next vacation in the COVID era.

How to Plan a Safe Vacation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Avoid Hotels

If possible, try to find somewhere to stay that’s not a hotel. While you’ll always have your own room, you’ll still interact with other guests and employees in common spaces. As long as the pandemic persists, a vacation rental is a much better idea. Not only will you avoid interacting with strangers, but you’ll have more space to spread out within the home. There are plenty of options out there for renting out a whole house. You might even want to consider a cozy cabin getaway. 

Drive Rather Than Fly

The jury is still out regarding the likelihood of catching the virus on a plane. All the same, there can be no denying that the entire airport experience puts you in constant contact with other people. If you drive your own vehicle, you can socially distance and decrease your odds of catching the virus. Besides, road trips are often a lot more fun. The drive itself can become part of the vacation and relaxing experience. 

Avoid Indoor Dining

Eating like royalty is often the best part of a trip, and there’s no reason to forego gastronomical delights on your next vacation. Just be sure to avoid indoor dining whenever possible. Take out and delivery are the best options, minimizing your time in close contact with strangers. If you insist on sitting down to eat, try to find a place with outdoor seating. Getting takeout won’t feel so bad when you are staying in a nice rental. Just take your food back to where you’re staying and relax inside. 

Be Smart About Sanitation

Make sure every member of your group has their own hand sanitizer, and keep your hands as clean as possible. Have everybody wash up before every meal, and avoid physical greetings with strangers. Sanitation wipes are also an essential part of the covid era survival kit. Make sure to sanitize a little before and after your stay in your rental as well. 

Each of you should also be wearing face masks whenever you step out. Having a face mask readily available is important, especially for kids. Kids are constantly touching their faces, which can lead to them inadvertently catching and spreading germs and viruses. By having a face mask nearby, they can quickly put it on if they need to. You can keep them in their pockets and put some extra in their bags. That way, they always have one with them when the other gets lost or dirty after a meal or activity. Another option is to keep a few kids’ and adults’ face masks in your rental place, so everyone can grab a face mask before they head out the door.

Opt for Outdoor Activities

Make your next trip a primarily outdoor adventure. Indoor activities like movie theaters and escape rooms are best left for another year. From nature parks to historical sites, there are plenty of outdoor entertainment options. Now is the time to give them a shot. There are even options for drive-through national parks where you don’t even need to leave your car. 

You don’t need to stay home for the entirety of the pandemic, but you owe it to yourself and your family to make smart choices. By staying vigilant and following the advice above, you can hit the road and still enjoy a vacation while being responsible and safe.


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