Gift Ideas That Are Easy To Personalize



Giving a personalized gift shows that you had the recipient specifically in mind in advance and took the time to order something special just for them. Surprisingly, personalized gifts don’t always require long lead times and can often be shipped to you in just a few days. Since monogrammed or custom items usually can’t be returned unless there’s an error, it makes sense to carefully consider your options before ordering so you can give something your recipient is sure to love.


Giving clothing as a personalized gift is tricky because you might choose the wrong size. That’s why robes and slippers are among the most popular personalized clothing. People often don’t buy these things for themselves but appreciate having them. A monogrammed robe, for example, can be used daily and doesn’t need to fit precisely. A scarf with a single initial is also a good choice. Keep in mind your giftee’s color and material preferences when you’re choosing the gift. You don’t want to get them something they’ll never wear because the color doesn’t suit them or because the texture is uncomfortable.


If you know your recipient well, you can easily select a bracelet or necklace they will love. Jewelry can be personalized with a hidden inscription on the back, a prominent engraving, or even a special grouping of charms. A simple silver initial on a beautiful chain is an inexpensive piece that’s likely to be well-received and worn often. An inscribed watch costs a bit more but can make a thoughtful gift for someone close to you.


If your giftee is someone that writes cards or letters regularly, you could get them a stationary set. This might include folded cards with envelopes or gift sets with several kinds of stationery pieces. Choosing something that suits your giftee’s needs shows that you care about them and making their life easier.

Your gift recipient may not write many letters that require monogrammed stationery, but personalized note pads can make an impression every time they write a grocery list or a note to excuse a sick child from school. There are even note pads available that include spaces for daily or weekly planning or meal plans. This simple gift can turn a quick note into something a little more elegant.

Photo Collages

Photo collages are a different kind of personalized gift. If you’ve taken photos of your recipient’s family at events or gatherings, for example, you can have several of these made into a framed photo collage. Photos can also be printed on canvas or made into art prints. Your groupings can include a special message, or you can choose to let the images speak for themselves. Many online sellers offer quick turnarounds for gifts made from photos.

A personalized gift doesn’t require weeks or months of planning and doesn’t have to be expensive. Something as simple as stationery or a robe can show thoughtfulness and offer your well-wishes without breaking the bank or taking a long time to obtain. Show how much you care with carefully chosen personalized pieces you can get in days.


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