Top 5 Uses of Vintage Wool Blankets



Are you looking for something to keep you warm and comfortable this chilly winter? Get a wool blanket to keep yourself toasty and cozy this winter season. You can never go wrong with wool blankets as they are made from material that’s perfect for keeping you warm. If it is your first time buying a wool blanket, you may look into the Sleep Healthier Wool Blankets guide.

Here is a detailed guide on the best wool blankets present in the market. You will get acquainted with the different products and understand what features are crucial while picking one. Besides, wool blankets offer various benefits that make them ideal for use. You may use them to make you comfortable and cozy in freezing winters. Let’s elaborate on the uses of vintage wool blankets and what makes them so desirable. 

Why You Should Have Wool Blankets

The characteristics of wool blankets make them preferable for use in winters. Some of them are listed below:

  • Wool blankets are durable and long-lasting. You do not need to worry about spending money on them after a few years.
  • They are washable. Simply follow some tips before washing the blanket and you are good to go.
  • They absorbs moisture from the skin.
  • A wool blanket is insulating and stain-resistant.
  • The material of wool is naturally anti-bacterial and flame-resistant. It could act as a shield against fire.
  • These blankets are breathable and comfortable, keeping you toasty in freezing winters.

Uses of Vintage Wool Blankets

There are various uses of a vintage wool blanket. Here we have discussed some of them. So, let’s have a look.

1. Place a Wool Blanket on Your Bed

Placing a wool blanket on the side of your bed where it needs warmth could make a difference. On cold nights an extra wool blanket could do the job when the heater does not seem to warm your room enough. 

You may place the blanket on the side of the bed and cover yourself to feel cozy in bed. Wool blankets with their insulation capability would be your savior on freezing nights.

2. Cover the Window With a Wool Blanket

Covering the window with wool will prevent the cold breeze from entering your home. It keeps the warm air inside, making your room warm and cozy. 

If you have an unheated room, you could cover your window with a wool blanket during the winter season. Simply hook them up to the curtain rod. It will keep the cold wind outside and warm up your room. 

3. Wool Blanket on the Couch

Keep yourself warm in your living room with a wool blanket on the couch. If you feel cold while sitting on the couch, just cuddle the blanket and make yourself comfortable. You could relax and have a good time in your living room with a comfortable wool blanket on.

4. Wool Blankets Are Useful on Long Car Rides

Are you planning to go on a road trip? Keeping a wool blanket in your car will come in handy during long car rides. It will keep you toasty and cozy on cold winter nights while you are in the car. However, do not make the mistake of keeping your best blanket as it might get dirty in the car. 

If you have a family going with you, pack a blanket for each member. This way, everyone will be at ease during the trip. Also, you could use it in hotels or as pillows in the car. So, do take along your cozy blanket on your long car trips for added comfort.

5. Wool Blanket as a Sleeping Bag

You may use a wool blanket as a sleeping bag. The lightweight, standard size of a wool blanket can be laid down as a sleeping bag. You could lay on the blanket diagonally and pull the bottom corner on your feet. 

Then, take the left and right sides and pull them over your body. You may fold the corner underneath you and secure the end. This way with two layers of wool under and over your body will keep you warm and cozy.

Wool blankets are ideal for use on cold days with all these uses and benefits attached to them. The comfortable, warm, and durable material make them suitable for use and keep you comfortably warm. You can warm up your home interior and even utilize the blanket outdoors. So, you must get a wool blanket this winter season and comfort yourself!


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