Got a Garage? How To Make It a Veritable Extension of Your Home



Plenty of people do garage conversions and turn that space into part of their home. The downside is that they lose valuable parking, which can be a problem if you own two or more cars. But you don’t have to give up the ability to park in order to get more out of your garage. There are ways to enhance the function of your garage while preserving the ability to park in it.

Install Custom or Built-in Storage

People often store tools, bicycles, and other things in the garage. Proper organization can help you get the most out of the space while still leaving room for a car. This can also allow you to create a built-in space that will turn your garage into a functional workshop. You may need to temporarily park outside to get the most out of your workshop while actively working on a project. However, it’s a small inconvenience that adds loads of functionality to an often under-utilized space. There is always time to use storage in your garage. Using custom storage is a great idea, but you can also install built-in storage if you desire. Using storage can help you utilize your space much better.

Install an Automatic Door Opener

Most homes have an internal door between the garage and the home, placed near the kitchen. This can make putting away groceries remarkably convenient, but only if getting the car into the garage in the first place is also convenient. In older homes that lack residential garage door openers, people often end up parking outside and carrying groceries in through the front door. If you have an older home, update it with an electronic opener and see your life revolutionized. Using an automatic garage door opener will make your life a beautiful thing to enjoy. No more lifting it up by hand, just push a little button and you are in business. There are many numerous advantages to having an automatic garage door opener.

Create a Party Space

You don’t have to give up throwing a party because the weather is bad and the house is too small. A garage is fairly spacious and can be easily turned into a place to have fun. While you may not wish to cook or grill in the garage, you may be able to fit a refrigerator into the space. With some folding tables and folding or stackable chairs, it becomes a space to play games and has refreshments. You may even be able to install tables that fold down from the wall. If your dining room is simply not big enough for your gaming needs, consider using the garage as your gaming space. A small heater may make it plenty cozy in cool weather without exposing you to the elements.

It may help if you think of it as being kind of like a three-season porch. That might give you a fresh view of the space.


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