Easy Ways To Do Home Extensions and Additions



If you’re looking for a new home design or additional space for your growing family, you have two options to consider – move home or extend. Moving to a new home is not possible when you love your home and the location you live in. Also, the cost to purchase a new house will be fairly high. This is one of the main reasons that most people prefer doing home extensions.

We all get bored living in the same place and with the increase in several members in the family, there is a requirement of some additions to your home. Building an extension is an exciting project. After all,  with extensions, you can add an extra space that you need in your home without the hassle of moving to the new one.

One of the best things about a home extension is that it has many options like considering orangery or simple home extension to keep your costs down. You can also hire a renovation company to get different house extension ideas. Home extensions and renovation builders have years of experience in providing renovation and extension services.

Doing home extension is a very challenging task. One must do proper planning before starting up with an extension because without proper planning extension can cost you a lot. In this article, we will discuss some easy ways to do extensions and additions at home.

Add a Porch

Adding a porch to your house is one of the easiest ways to do an addition to your home. porches are great for houses that have entrance doors that open directly into the living room. It is very easy to build a porch.

Basement Conversion

Converting your basement to a living room is also one of the easiest ways to extend your home. A basement is one of the most underrated and overlooked forms of home expansion. You can utilize your basement as a cozy apartment or an entertainment room.

Garage Conversion

There is a huge increase in garage conversion over the past few years. Most of us tend to run out of space, even if we have a big home. Adding an extension to your home is the simplest way to create more space. converting your garage into a living room is considered to be a cost-effective and easy way of home extension.

Build a Dormer

Building a dormer not only helps to extend your space but also gives an appealing look to your house. These provide much-needed light and make your home look larger. It is considered to be one of the easiest methods of home extension and addition. It helps to enhance the look of your space. A dormer extension to your roof can be a wonderful way to add useful space and alter the character of your home.

Outdoor House Extension

Converting your garden or any other outdoor area of the house into a place to sit and relax is also a great idea for a home extension. Many people consider this type of home extension because it doesn’t require any architect.

Single Story Extension

Single story addition to your home is the cheapest and most viable option for a home extension. With an increasing family, there is a huge requirement for space. adding a single-story extension can help you by providing extra space in your home.

Conservatory or Orangery

Adding conservatory or orangery is another easy option for a home extension. Orangery provides you with a comfortable, usable space all year round. You can customize conservatory and orangery depending upon the space and requirement. These can either be attached to your property or constructed.

Benefits of Home Extensions and Additions

Cost and Time Effective

By adding an extension to your existing home, there is no requirement of purchasing a new home. people move home only when they run out of space. Home extensions eliminate the need to purchase a new home.

Adds Value

Home extension and renovations help by adding value to your property. Doing some additions in your home means increasing square meterage which further results in increasing the market value of your home.

Increase Storage Space

Doing additions to your home increases space. Most people prefer doing home extensions for storage purposes. Adding a porch to your home also provides space to place your tools, sporting equipment, etc. 

It is clear from the above article that a home extension is one of the best and most budget-friendly options to increase the space in your home. Moving home can be a very expensive and difficult task. It is important to hire a good constructer if you are planning to do a home extension. Home extension and renovation builders provide great service to their customers. They consist of an expert team that also guides you about some easy ways for a home extension. 


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