Green Family Habits— Grow Your Own Food at Home



If you and your family want to live a greener lifestyle, then you should improve the quality of the food that you eat. Here are some of the ways for you to grow or raise your own food at home.

Grow an Herb Garden

By adding tasty herbs to your recipes, you can have flavorful meals and snacks. You may not have enough money to buy the fresh basil, chives or tarragon at a supermarket, but it is easy to grow your own herbs at home. You can often grow herbs in flowerpots on a windowsill, or you can have a tiny herb garden in your backyard.

Learn More about Vertical Gardens

If you live in a smaller home or an apartment, then you may not have a large yard. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your own food because there are inventive ways to have vertical gardens. Look for books at your public library to help you have a vertical garden on a balcony or a patio. You can also contact a local gardening club to talk to the other gardeners about how you can have a vertical garden.

Collect Your Own Seeds

Learn how to collect your own seeds from the fruits and vegetables that you buy at a farmers market or by contacting the other local gardeners in your area. This can help you to grow heirloom varieties of vegetables and fruits rather than the generic types of products that are sold at most supermarkets.

Make Your Own Organic Fertilizer

Rather than using store-bought fertilizer, you can create your own with a composting bin. It is easy to make a composting bin at your home to fill with the proper types of food waste or other items. By stirring the items in the composting bin, the things will decompose to create rich soil and fertilizer.

Raise Backyard Chickens

Imagine having fresh eggs to eat each day for breakfast or other meals. For a larger family, raising backyard chickens is a great way to save money along with making sure that your eggs are organic. While some chicken owners would never use the poultry as food, other owners are willing to enjoy the organic meat from the backyard chickens. Look for high-quality chicken feed to have the healthiest birds. If you have never had a garden or raised chickens before, then you should join a gardening or backyard chicken club to learn more about the process. This local group will understand the challenges of growing plants or raising chickens in your area, and the other members will help you.


Sprouts are very easy to grow in small spaces. You can buy alfalfa sprouting seed and grow them with a sprouting lid in mason jars. You can also find tray sprouts that can let you grow a collection of different seedlings. These are great to add in sandwiches, salads and are a hassle-free project you can do with your children.

You don’t have to go from the supermarket to self-reliance in one go. The point isn’t to negate any eating out or going to the supermarket. Many people feel that they need to go all-in or they fail. The reality is that any effort you put into growing your own food will not only bring you healthier alternatives but will teach life skills to you and your children. If anything, you will get a newer appreciation for food consumption and will hopefully eliminate the level of food waste in your family. The best part is the feeling of accomplishment that comes with eating something you helped grow.


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