How to Create a Garden Space You’ll Want to Spend More Time In



It doesn’t matter whether you live in a house or in a flat, if you want a nice garden to relax in, you should have it. You can make it on the balcony if that is all you have, or you can grow a massive sized garden with a patio and a fountain if you have enough space. The size of the garden doesn’t determine how pretty or how comfortable it is; the only thing it affects is the number of people that can fit inside. So, think about what you’d like to see in the space you have at your disposal, and get to work! Here are some ideas that may help you out. 

1. Plan Everything


The first thing you should do is decide on the style of the garden. Would you like a formal or an informal garden? Do you want a dining area? Any water features you’d like, or any fire pits or fireplaces? Does it need to be children-friendly? What is the man purpose of the garden – quiet enjoyment or entertaining? Once you’ve decided what the general aim is, think about the ways to achieve it. What kind of fence or hedge do you want? Will you make a patio? Think about what kind of lighting is the best for your idea, and how electricity can reach that space. Consider the side of your space and come up with a solid organization of trees, shrubs, plants, and furniture.

2. Order the Materials

Once you know what your future garden will look like, you need adequate materials to bring your ideas to life. Carefully choose your materials, and don’t forget to check the condition and quantity when they arrive.

3. Consider Shade 

It is well-known that the Sun has many detrimental effects on our health. Therefore, for those of you who live in warm places such as Australia, where summers can be uncomfortably hot, it is important to think about Sun protection. For gardens, you can use patio umbrellas, awnings, or if you’d like a more extravagant option, pergolas. If there are trees that will provide shade, it’s fantastic, but if there aren’t, you may want to plant some for the future. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to make sure that your me-time in your beautiful new garden is comfortable in summer as well. 

4. Think About Privacy

You probably don’t want to enable all the neighbors and passers-by to take a peek inside your garden at any given time. Nobody likes to feel like they’re on display, so it’s a good idea to ensure that your garden is private and secure. You can do this in 
multiple ways – building a fence is one option, growing a hedge is another. You can even make a vertical garden, or you may prefer to get some lattices and grow a climbing plant over them. Choose any method that will go nicely with the rest of your garden. 

5. Talk to a Professional


Some of these things may be quite easy to pull off, but for some, you may need professional help. Making a patio, for example, is probably not something you should be doing yourself. People in Australia choose to consult experts in order to have all their ideas properly implemented. Sydney landscape architects are always ready to help if you are not sure how to fit your ideas into your space, or you get stuck at any phase of planning or executing those plans. They are professionals whose job is to help you bring your ideas to life, so don’t hesitate to contact them if need be. 

6. Choose Plants 


Lastly, you need to choose the types of plants you want. For backyards, trees and shrubs are a good idea – they provide shade and structure. If you like colorful gardens, get flower beds. Make sure that you use pots for the sensitive species which will need to be taken inside when it gets cold outside. Potted plants are great if you like to change the space a lot, since they can be easily moved, and they’re fantastic for balconies. 

Even though it takes a little effort, when you have your new garden to drink your tea in, you’ll see that it’s well worth it. You’ll get a space that you like to spend your time in, an oasis to escape to from your everyday life. So start planning and have fun doing it.

Mianna Korben

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