Helping Your Child Find Their Calling This Summer



The summer months provide children with a plentiful amount of time to find out more about themselves. For some children, figuring out what they like to do and what they want to be when they grow up doesn’t come easy. Your child might be unsure of their strengths, or they may not have enough experience to feed their desire to learn more about a specific subject during the school year. Taking a look at these ideas can help you start making plans for helping your child find their true calling this season. 

Build on a Current Interest

When you’re planning summer activities, you might want to think about things that your child is already doing that could be further explored. For instance, a child who enjoys shooting hoops at the playground might want to join a basketball team now that they are a bit older. Or, your child might want to turn their love for listening to music into a chance to learn how to make their own. From taking voice lessons to tinkering with gadgets, encouraging your child to delve deeper into a hobby could help them discover something they love. 

Provide Hands-On Science Experiences

Getting kids interested in STEM careers is hard when they spend so much time doing bookwork during the school year. Summer camp programs that focus on providing fun and engaging science and math activities can help to pique your child’s interest in subjects they might’ve thought were boring. For example, camps like Galileo Learning provide activities that are based upon themes that kids find exciting such as carnivals and castles. Presentation is important when it comes to exposing your child to academic hobbies, which is why it’s important for them to see the exciting side of learning. If you notice that your child excels in a certain subject and seems to enjoy it, look for a camp that could help them develop their skills. 

Find an Age-Appropriate Volunteer Position

Young children can try out potential careers by volunteering in the community. While it is a little harder to find volunteer opportunities for kids, it is worth the effort. Your child might volunteer to make cards for seniors at the local assisted living community, and this might inspire them to want to help older adults. Or, they may help you cook dinner for people who are in need of food, and this could even spark an interest in cooking. 

Set Up a Kid-Friendly Summer Business

Lemonade stands are still a profitable business for young children. However, your child might want to do something different. They could start a neighborhood car wash business, or offer to take your neighbor’s dogs for a walk each day. Letting your child practice their entrepreneurial skills helps them try out new roles and learn about the rewards that come from a day of hard work. 

Children often start out the summer with high hopes of having adventures, and it is up to parents to help make sure these months don’t result in a learning drop-off. Finding educational opportunities for your child to do this summer helps them to keep their skills fresh and learn a few new things about themselves. 


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