What Comes After a Slip and Fall Accident



A slip and fall accident can occur when you walk across a slick surface or slip on something slick that causes you to lose your footing. The most common examples are walking across water or ice, whether that be outside after a storm or snow or inside where someone has mopped. These accidents often result in serious bodily injuries, and you might not know what to do after you get hurt. When it comes to slip and fall accidents, most could have been prevented in some way. Sometimes, this means that your accident could have been caused by someone else’s negligence. You’ll likely have an easier time getting your life back in order if you take these proactive measures after your slip and fall accident.

Get Evaluated by a Doctor

You should try to see a doctor as soon as possible so that an examination can be performed to evaluate the extent of your injury. A doctor’s evaluation is also important if you plan to file a lawsuit so that you can receive payment to cover your medical costs and other expenses that are related to the accident. The doctor should issue a detailed report of their findings and note the type of injury along with the extent of the injury on the report.

Gather Evidence

In addition to the doctor’s report, a sufficient amount of evidence will be needed to try to prove your version of the events surrounding the accident if you want to submit a claim to the insurance company or sue the responsible party in court. You’ll want to make note of the date, time, and location of the accident along with the specific factors that may have caused your slip and fall accident. If any eyewitnesses were present, you can also try to obtain statements from these individuals to submit as evidence.

Hire a Lawyer

A personal injury attorney who handles slip and fall cases regularly for clients can try to get you the compensation that may save you from a lot of financial hardship. The lawyer can assist you with gathering evidence, submitting your claim, and preparing a case for court if a settlement can’t be reached.

Act Quickly

Time is of the essence when it comes to filing a compensation claim for a slip and fall accident. The longer you wait, the less serious your case is likely to be taken, and this could jeopardize your chances of receiving any payment. You might not be able to submit a claim at all if you wait too long and the statute of limitations has expired.

If you ever sustain a slip and fall accident, you should know what to do immediately following the accident so that you can recover from your injury with greater peace of mind. Especially if the accident could have been prevented through someone else’s care or thinking. Medical and legal experts who often assist people who’ve suffered slip and fall injuries are available to provide any additional support that you need.


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