Here’s How to Throw a Perfect Spanish Fiesta



No, not a siesta, but a real Spanish fiesta! Everybody loves a fiesta with all its flavors and decorations. Great food, party atmosphere, Latin music, drinks: who wouldn’t want to come. While attending a fiesta is one thing, throwing one is another thing. If you are inexperienced in this kind of parties but are nevertheless willing to give it a go, we have prepared a list of things that no fiesta can go without. Adhere to them and you’ll be an expert fiesta planner in no time! 

The Guest List 

Just as with any other type of party, you have to know who is coming. This will help you determine how large space you need and how much food and drinks to order. Furthermore, the guest list will determine the type of festivity you are organizing. Are the guests going to be your friends and acquaintances or is it going to be a tad more formal occasion so your colleagues from work and business partners can attend? Can your friends bring their friends, that is, people you do not know (yet) or is it going to be a more intimate party in which you’ll know everyone’s names? 

Right Timing 

Spain is not known world-wide for snow-capped mountain and neither should your party take place during winter time. A fiesta is associated with open space, mainly gardens or parks. That is why it is essential to check the weather forecast before making any plans. Make sure the air temperature outside is comfortable enough so everyone can wear T-shirts and shorts or skirts.  A fiesta should ideally start at sunset and continue on into the night. Also, check the sporting events, holidays and other important dates so you don’t clash with any of them. 

The Venue 

Once you know the number of people who are coming to your fiesta, it is time to determine where exactly is it going to take place. Ideally, the venue is going to be your backyard which is a cost-free option. The alternative is to ask one of your friends to hold it at his or her house. Public spaces are not suitable for the event as it creates a lot of noise and there is probably going to be liquor involved. You can, however, rent a space for the right price, as suburban leases are much cheaper than the ones downtown. Finally, if it’s an office fiesta, perhaps your company’s management can be persuaded to let you use part of the office space after hours. 

The Catering 


The food that you wish to serve at the fiesta should be Spanish and therefore hot. Standard dishes might include paellas, burritos, and churros. Then you have tapas and varied kinds of bread baked the Spanish ways. You can prepare these dishes yourself with the help of your friends, but if you are an inexperienced chef, then ordering out may be a wiser solution. There are specialized restaurants that offer package deals, like Tapas Market and catering for corporate events. If you decide on ordering food, don’t forget to order the drinks as well. Fruit punches with a wine such as Sangria are ideal for the occasion. 

Having Fun 

Last, but not least, your guests should feel entertained at all times so they can get into “fiesta” mode. You should play music from a home entertainment system or hire a real mariachi band, depending on the budget you have. If you yourself are going to be the DJ, then we recommend playing flamenco music. Of course, there are other kinds of Spanish music that can be danced to. In fact, you could ask a couple of experienced Latin dancers to join the party. If you don’t know any, just ask around at the local dance studio, they would be delighted to send someone over. This way, those people who are shy but know how to dance will get encouraged to step onto the dance floor. From there on, the party will pick up the pace. 

As you are probably aware by now, throwing a good fiesta is not much different than throwing any other kind of party. A suitable setting, music, food and drinks, and you’re already halfway there. Just don’t forget to decorate the place with garlands and confetti in order to bring to life that Latino joie de vivre.


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