How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer



There is little romance in preparing the wedding ceremony. One of the items on the to-do list that has to be ticked is hiring a photographer. Most people choose their photographer by using tips from their friends and family. This is a good way, but not bulletproof and could backfire because there are many photographers out there and to be truthful, many of them are average at best. It is therefore wise to create your own list of what you want from the person who will take photos at your wedding. The following factors are relevant when it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer. 

Professional Style 

Like we already said, there are many photographers whose styles of shooting all differ. However, this should not deceive you, as this is your wedding and you are the one who dictates the style. Use the photographer’s portfolio to see whether they possess the technical and professional capabilities to turn your desires into reality. 


In photography, lighting is the trickiest part of any picture. It is the reason you see photographers crouching of lying down to get the right angle. The truth about lighting is that it is hard for just any person to learn how to take the perfect photo; one is born with it. The photographers you choose should be talented and ready at hand to capture the perfect wedding moment. Again, their portfolio is what will reveal their talent, if present. 

What You Actually Get 

If you are thinking about whether you can afford top-notch photography, you are actually asking the right question. Many newlyweds go wrong with the lower price without checking what they actually get. Scrutinize the whole offer and see what value you get for your money. Many photographers have hidden costs that you will be charged after the ceremony when you come to pick up the photos. These costs include a second (and a third) photographer, albums, or extra hours. All these ought to be included in the package you agree on, so ask if they are all included in the initial price you pay. 

The Setting


Whether you choose the location for the photo shoot or you accept the photographer’s suggestion, the location is important. This is not only true for your wedding photos but for the photographer as well. He needs to have worked in a similar surrounding. Proof of this you will find in the portfolio. The more diverse the previous settings the photos were taken in, the better. In Australia, for instance, there are numerous different locations to shoot, which the portfolio of Daniel Griffith Photography from Sydney reflects. You can use their gallery to see which images the portfolio of your perfect wedding photographer should contain. Also, ask them if they can deal with dark spaces, such as the inside of a church or a wedding hall at night. 

Go for the Entire Wedding


The worst kind of photographers are those who see the wedding ceremony as a gig where they can earn good money for a couple of hours work. Ceremonies differ around the globe, but they all take up the whole day of memorable moments that have to be captured. The photographer has to be present the whole day and good ones know to plan their time well. They have to take hundreds, if not thousands of photos in order to achieve the desired level of quality. When scheduling the photographer, tell them that you desire their presence the whole time. Bigger photography agencies have several photographers, so they can rotate. 

After the Wedding

Once the wedding is over, will you be able to see your photos right away? This question is mandatory since during high season some photographers have a waiting period that can be several months long. Since you do not want this for your wedding photos, agree in advance when you are going to able to see the photos. Many photographers offer to purchase on site of printed material. 

Basically, it comes down to getting to know the photographer and his work better. Portfolios are an excellent way to achieve this. On the other hand, he has to fully understand what you expect from him. If you reach an understanding, them all you have left to do that special day is to enjoy, knowing that each moment will be recorded for you to show to your grandchildren.


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