How Photogrammetry Software Can Be Useful in Art



Artists have more tools available to them to help them in their craft than ever before. With the emergence of newer technology, more things are possible than we ever dreamed were attainable. Photogrammetry is one use of combining art and technology that are opening up endless avenues of ways to improve our craft.

Artists that work with three-dimensional pieces will significantly benefit from using this software, which can dramatically speed up what was once a long and tedious process. Let’s explore some of the methods and ways that photogrammetry can help artists out.

What is Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is not a new method, but the use of software programs to assist you in this venture is. Photogrammetry is essentially the process of creating a 3-D model or render. You generate this model through multiple using images of the same object, just from tons of different angles.

The process involves the software using geometry to compute the position of the 3D object, the camera details such as lens type and focus, and the relative position of the camera. The final piece of the puzzle is applying the scale. This could be a unit of measure of the distance between the camera and the object or even a smaller model. Anything can be used to give scale and get a more accurate final product. The use of multiple scaling items is encouraged as it will increase the output.


Many artists use the assistance of photogrammetry software, that offers them the ability to automate the process of piecing the images together. This can be a huge time saver for artists that are on a deadline for shows or orders. Artists can upload their pictures, and the software crawls them and pieces them together, taking the measurements and other necessary things to combine the images. Using photogrammetry software is not a new thing. It has been around since the earliest times of computer use; it is now much more accessible to anybody interested in this art form. Because of its accessibility, more and more artists are beginning to rely on using this software to aid in their projects.

Artists Results

The use of photogrammetry is essential because the style and images are not possible to be matched naturally by hand. The process of being able to layer textures, especially in nature shots, is critical to get the result you are looking for without spending too much of your valuable time doing so. While this process can be done without software, texturing can take days and still may not give you the result you are looking for.

It is challenging to get the images to align correctly. Programs use sophisticated algorithms that are continually changing and evolving to give you the very best results. Photogrammetry is not replacing artists; it is merely enhancing them. There is a need for them to work hand in hand to get the most amazing images.


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