How Supplements Can Boost Your Body and Mind



Supplements are gradually becoming more and more popular, and many of them are touted to help do everything from improving memory to help lose weight. Some people are concerned that supplements don’t offer any real dietary benefits. Although they cannot serve to replace or erase unhealthy habits, the purpose of a supplement is, well, to supplement other healthy habits. There are many ways taking supplements for your health, diet, anxiety, depression, or even sleep can help you. In case you have not had a chance to try supplements yet, however, below are some of the main reasons why millions of Americans perpetually consume vitamins and other dietary add-ons.

Protection Against Cognitive Decline

Most people assume that supplements only help body health, but as your body and mind are connected, they can help boost your mental health as well. Maintaining your mental capacity and improving your cognitive ability can get challenging as you grow older. Courtesy of nutrients such as Vitamin D, you can reduce the likelihood of developing many life-threatening conditions that attack your brain.

According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology in 2014, for instance, those who had a low intake of Vitamin D were twice more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Taking supplements high in Vitamin D can help boost your mental health. Many people are also supplementing their diet with CBD to improve focus at work and lower anxiety and depression. Supplements can boost mental health by improving your brain’s ability to transfer and record information. Certain nutrients improve your natural neurotransmitters and focus, which is a major reason why they are beneficial both physically and mentally.

Muscle Recovery and Skin Health

Although physical exercise is the most common reason for muscle fatigue, your muscle fibers could suffer microscopic damages even when you simply go for a walk. Daily wear and tear, combined with a diet high in saturated fats and carbs and low in healthy fiber and vitamins, can lead to gradual muscle loss and weight gain. If you do have a frequent training regime, however, your issues with soreness will be much more notable. To overcome the pain and jump-start the recovery process, which revolves around tissue scarring that repairs the damage, you should consider taking supplements.

It is borderline impossible to consume enough of the necessary micronutrients such as branched-chain amino acids (or BCAAs), leucine, and fatty acids through regular food. Instead, you should consider increasing your intake of all of the aforementioned by introducing a once-a-day supplement to your diet. Finding a Non-GMO healthy skin vitamin will further allow you to protect your largest organ, your skin, against blemishes and other problems. Supplements can improve your healing and skin health by providing your body with a boost to the nutrients it needs to heal itself. They support your other healthy habits like exercise and eating fruits and vegetables.

Achieving Nutrient Versatility

As mentioned with some of the above micronutrients, you will usually struggle to consume the perfect amount of all vitamins through your daily meals. Just consider, for example, a person who consumes approximately five grams of the natural supplement Creatine per day. As one of the most popular organic compounds amongst athletes, Creatine improves the energetic currency of your cells, especially when it comes to your brain and skeletal muscles.

Although five grams per day is an industry average, someone who doesn’t take the supplement will have to eat enormous amounts of meat per day, the likes of which include two pounds of beef or three pounds of chicken. Drinking five grams of powder or taking a small pill certainly seems much more favorable, and will keep you slimmer! In other words, supplements allow you to get the intake of vitamins and nutrients you may need to maintain your lifestyle, while still allowing you to enjoy a variety of food and nutrients that otherwise you wouldn’t enjoy. This lets you boost your body and mind by giving them the nutrients needed for a variety of tasks, from memory, to stress reduction, to weight loss, to muscle gain.

People who want to maximize their body’s health and beauty should look into supplements that can help them maintain an optimum pH balance and allow them to reach their optimal count for both macro and micronutrients. Talk to your doctor about what changes in your diet and what supplements will help you reach your health goals. While they are not a magical cure-all, supplements can help you subtly redirect your mental and physical health to a better end goal. So if you are struggling to get the proper amount of iron or Vitamin C or D in your diet, consider boosting your metabolism through supplements. After all, when consumed properly, these simple add-ons will present a barely noticeable change to your eating while taking your overall health to the next level.

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