Top 5 Side Hustles Ideal for Millennials Who Want to Kickstart a Thriving Small Business



A typical millennial is a social butterfly either passionate about the latest technology or helping the environment – or both. You embraced this fast pace of life and you know that the times when people worked at one position their entire career is long gone.
Change is necessary and welcome, and so is taking matters into your own hands by exploring the seas of entrepreneurship. If you are looking for an idea to kickstart a successful small business, here are a few suggestions to consider.

1. Employ Your Organizational Skills

If you are communicative and good with time management, then a virtual assistant position would be an amazing match for you. Virtual assistants offer administrative and technical help to individuals or businesses and are self-employed. The biggest perks include working from home and at most times, a flexible working schedule. In this line of work, you can opt to be a customer support agent, social media or a website manager and many more positions. Once you decide on what seems appealing, if you don’t have any experience in that area, look for some courses to get familiar with it and don’t worry about having any special apps since businesses would most probably give you access to whichever they use internally.


2. Spread Your Expertise

You’re good at explaining things and have some skills – then share it with others! With tutoring, the profit is usually limited only by the amount of time you have at your disposal. You can teach languages, knitting, repairing items or anything you can think of. All you need is a laptop or a computer and a strong internet connection, although if you wish, you can combine this with organizing classes offline at some point. Also, you need to consider the manner you would advertise yourself since that is crucial in the beginning while later on, word-of-mouth turns into the best marketing strategy. You can create profiles on different social media and engaging posts to attract an audience willing to learn.

3. Combine Creativity and Profit

If making people happy is your passion and you love flowers, why not open a mobile flower business? A bright chrysanthemum on a rainy day can put a smile on people’s face and if you are artistic, you will have no problem combining flowers into interesting bouquets. To start this business, you would need to search for trucks for sale online, choose a location, check for necessary permits and purchase your first batch of flowers – and you are good to go! A mobile flower shop is a good advertisement on its own and it can even land you some projects in the wedding and event industry.

4. Promote That Active Millennial Lifestyle


Since millennials care deeply for the environment, bikes in big cities are a perfect alternative to cars, they are eco-friendly, and riding them is good for your health. Depending on your budget and aspirations, you can open a bike shop or rent them, and if you have the necessary skill set, even offer to repair them. You would need a convenient location, preferably close to a place where people enjoy walking and riding bikes as well as a thorough business plan. A solid marketing strategy will help you get the word out on the streets and when you bike business expands, you can hire bike enthusiast such as yourself to aid you.

5. Leverage on Your Local Knowledge

You know your way about the city and you were always interested in tales and facts about it? Well, you can exploit that knowledge and become a local tourist guide. Besides permits and good advertising, you would need lots of enthusiasm to come up with a creative way to introduce your city to a foreigner since traditional tours are no longer that appealing. Another thing you might need to take care of is the manner you would be moving about the city and in that regard, you can go with renting bikes or scooters. Relating your love for the city you grew up into others can be a fulfilling business for you.

If you aren’t afraid of change, following your passion and starting your own small business is the path for you. Depending on your interests, you can choose to work flexible hours from home or be on the streets engaging with people but the best thing is that with enthusiasm and dedication, you can achieve anything.

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