How to Assess Your Home for Water Damage After a Big Storm



It’s easy to assume the extent of damage a storm may have had on your home. Most people won’t bother to look into it as long as their house is still standing. Sometimes the damage may look minor, only to worsen as time passes. You don’t want to have to deal with expensive damage repair issues later if you have the chance to fix them now. That said, it’s critical to assess the home for any damage soon after a storm passes. Here’s how to do that.

Check for Missing or Broken Shingles

One of the things you must inspect for signs of storm damage is the roof. Look out for any cracks on shingles and try to see whether some might be missing. If you see anything broken or missing, you should take action as soon as possible. After all, roofs are delicate, and if not attended to, you may have worse problems on your hands soon. While checking out the roof, make sure you clear any debris that you can safely access. Always leave any risky work to the experts. A professional will help you determine whether you need repair or replacement. Along with the roof, do a quick assessment of your rain gutters and clear out any clogs. 

Look for Water Stains on Exterior and Interior Walls

Heavy storms can sometimes cause damage to your walls through small cracks. Inspect for water patches both inside and outside the house. The walls outside may take longer to dry after a storm. Thus, you should assess whether there are any issues over the next couple of days. That way, you can be sure of any damages once the walls should have dried out.

Inspect Your Windows

Big storms can do quite a number on your windows. Make sure to check each window closely. That way, you can be sure whether there’s any damage that needs your attention. Look for cracks on the windowpanes and any indication of damage on the window frames too. Also, take time to check for any sign of water inside the windowpane. Even small leaks can turn out to be quite a huge issue if not fixed. These minor leaks might require you to completely replace the glass in your windows. 

Work With an Expert

Water cleanup and restoration after a storm is not easy. It involves tools and equipment you may not have. Do your best to assess the situation. But when it comes to fixing any issues, you need to look for an expert that can help sort things out safely so it doesn’t cause further damage inside or outside your home. Do your best to read online reviews and check out testimonials before hiring anyone for the job.

Water damage can become a big problem if it goes unsolved. As soon as you see flooding in your home, make sure you do what you can to immediately solve the problem and prevent mold growth. Follow all the right steps for keeping your home safe and contact a professional as soon as possible.


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