Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Water Damage Repairs



If you have water damage in your home, trying to repair everything yourself will likely prove to be a big mistake. Water damage cleanup is a specialized skill that’s best left to professionals. By hiring professionals to do the cleanup work for you, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding these four major mishaps.

Additional Damage

You might end up causing more damage to parts of your home if you try resolving your water damage on your own without the appropriate equipment or training. This may be particularly true if you try to repair damaged pipes or other plumbing system components that caused or were damaged by the water problem in your home. If you fail to remove all traces of water with your own drying methods, the leftover moisture could cause wood and other materials that support your home’s structure to rot.

Mold Exposure

Mold is one of the biggest problems that arises from water damage. If you try to clean the mold yourself and end up touching it with your skin or inhaling the spores, you could suffer serious skin and respiratory allergic reactions. You may also miss places where mold has spread, allowing a breeding ground of mold to remain and spread further damage to the structure of your home. Professionals who have the right equipment to remove water from homes can take additional measures to remove any mold growth and prevent the problem from recurring, and even have scanners that will show them where mold has spread even where you can’t see it with the naked eye.

Failure to Resolve the Problem Sufficiently

Just because you’ve stopped seeing the water leak doesn’t mean that the problem is resolved. If you were to try to clean up everything yourself without getting to the source of what exactly caused the damage from the water, the problem could happen again and perhaps return on a grander scale. Experts who specialize in water damage restoration can look for the source of the water leakage so that steps can be taken to resolve the problem sufficiently.

Contamination Risks

The water that leaked into your home and caused the damage may have come directly from the sewer or another contaminated source. Trying to clean up the water yourself and fix the resulting damage could expose you to bacteria and toxins that put your health at risk. Professionals can minimize their chances of coming into contact with contaminants by using special equipment while wearing the proper protective gear to clean the mess. When you do notice water damage, it’s important to isolate this area from the rest of the house for this reason to prevent mold and bacteria from spreading.

There are many home projects that you can do yourself, but cleaning up water damage shouldn’t be one of them. By hiring professionals, you can avoid certain risks to yourself and your home and thoroughly rid yourself of your water damage problem. This ensures that the problem is fully eradicated and protects the structure of your home from further deterioration.


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