How to Choose a Beach House of Your Dreams



Having a gorgeous house on the beach is many people’s dream. Waking up to the sounds and smells of the ocean and feeling the fresh sea breeze on your skin is priceless. However, what has a price (and a hefty one) is the thing that will allow you to live your dream—your future beach house. So, when investing in such a property, here’s what to consider before you cash out.

Distance From Your Home

The idea of packing up your things on Friday and spending your weekends near the ocean might sound super attractive now, but remember that your life back home still goes on. Your lawns will need to be mowed, your shopping will need to be done and your kids will have their sporting events no matter if the ocean is calling your name or not. So, factor in how many things you can accomplish during the week so that you have your weekends free for a longer trip. If you think you can’t set that much time aside for regular vacations, choose a beach house that’s closer to your home.

Consider the Price

With beach houses, you’re mostly paying for the location. However, it’s important to remember that your location also comes with a lot of damage which you will also be expected to pay for. So, don’t go over your budget and hire a good home inspector to take a thorough look at the property (a good local realtor can always recommend someone respectable).

The Sturdiness of the Construction

Your house needs to be built well enough to withstand strong ocean winds and sun. For instance, the coastal region of Western Australia is prone to cyclone winds that can be very destructive, especially to buildings that are not constructed well.

However, if you’re looking for houses for sale in Northern Beaches and hire a respectable agency, you have nothing to worry about because they list only the best properties. Plus, their experienced agents will guide you through your sale and ensure you end up with a high-quality house perfect for your family, guests and potential renters.

Additionally, ocean life brings salt water which is highly corrosive and plenty of sand that will get literally everywhere. So, make sure to be ready for high maintenance costs. Your air conditioner filters will need to be changed regularly, your water pump replaced and electrical panels cleaned. While repair prices vary, they are definitely something to keep in mind when buying a beach property.

Are You Planning to Rent?

If you’re only planning to use your beach house for your family outings and to have fun weekends on the coast, then you can likely get away with a smaller property. Having said that, if you’re truly looking to make a profit from renting your house in your absence, it’s best to aim higher. A two-bedroom house won’t be attractive to huge families and groups of people looking for a place for their family reunions and beach parties, so ensure you understand that before you go writing checks and creating your listings. Additionally, if you’re planning to use your property for rental purposes, the distance to the beach will play a huge role. Everyone wants to rent a place as near to the ocean as possible.

Is There a Connection With the Local Community?

If you’re buying a beach house, especially in the hurricane zone, it’s smart to have someone who will go check up on your property from time to time. So, make sure to talk to the locals and see how the connection in the community is. Thanks to social media, you can easily stay in contact with people from neighboring beach houses, but if the community is interested to return the favor, it might not be a good fit for you.

If you choose well, your beach house can be everything that you ever wanted from a vacation property and more. Just follow these tips, find good real estate experts and expect to enjoy your property to the fullest.


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