8 Tips for Having Perfect Wedding Photos



Photographer and his photos are responsible for capturing the very essence and keeping the spirit of the most important day of your life forever alive.

This is definitely a good enough reason to choose the best possible photographer for your wedding day. But before you decide to hire a certain photographer there are some other things that you should know.

Take a Look at These 8 Tips That Can Help You Have Perfect Wedding Photos.

1. Do Research on Wedding Photo Styles

Even though the most logical first step would be to hire a photographer, don’t start with that right away. Before, do a bit of research on their style of photography. There are many different styles and maybe you won’t like the one that your hired photographer does.

So, surf the net and discover all the possible
wedding photo styles and find photographers in your area that can make photos of that kind.

The most typical styles of wedding photos include traditional wedding photos, portrait photos, illustrative wedding photos or even vintage wedding photos. These are merely some of the styles couples choose for their weddings.

2. Hire a Good Photographer

After you’ve done your research, you can move on to hiring the photographer. Choose someone who specializes solely in wedding photography. These kinds of photographers have a lot of experience with all things wedding related and they know exactly how to make a good wedding photo.

Go through the photographer’s portfolio to see if the style of his photos coincides whit what you’re looking for. Another important thing is to make sure that you have a certain amount of chemistry with your photographer, meaning that you get along and that you’re on the same page basically. In the end, it’s the said photographer that you’ll be seeing more than anyone that whole day.

3. Consult With the Photographer

More often than not, the budget will be a crucial thing when hiring a photographer. So, don’t hesitate to express your thoughts and to find out about all the things that concern you.

Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer questions and to say what you like and what you dislike. Find out how many pictures you’ll receive in the end, how many of them will be retouched and edited, and how many won’t. Will you be able to choose which images you want to be edited? And many other similar questions.

4. Sign the Contract

As they say, better safe than sorry. So, after you have decided that you like a certain photographer, his photos and the way he thinks, make sure you make and sign
the contract.

Everything from the date to the post-production work should be included in this contract. The exact number of hours and a detailed shot list that you’ve agreed to needs to be included as well. After the contract has been made and you’ve signed it, you can move onto other things.

5. Pre-Plan the Shoot

Take time to do the planning. This means that you should brainstorm ideas, places, and poses. Make a list of possible locations and maybe even props that you’d like to include in your wedding shoot.

For example, you can do something a bit different and take your wedding photos inside and in front of a classic car. You can choose from
a wide variety of wedding cars for hire. Just imagine what great photos you can have if you hire a Jaguar Mark V Sedan in Gold & Champagne and take a couple of really cool black and white, vintage photos in front of that car.

This is why planning is important so that you can share your ideas with your photographer and tell him all the things you want your wedding shoot to include.

6. Your Best Angles and Poses

We all like to think that we know our best angles but what looks good to us, doesn’t mean that it’s good for your photographer. The same applies to your body language.

Be sure to trust and follow your photographer’s cues and instructions. Ultimately, he is the one behind the lens and he sees what you don’t, plus he has experience with these kinds of things.

7. Makeup and Touch-Ups

To make sure that your makeup is on fleek, have it done professionally.
Professional makeup artists will make sure you look your best during your big day.

The makeup that is usually worn for these kinds of occasions is not your normal everyday makeup. This is another reason why it should be done by a professional. Different kinds of foundation and highlights are used to make you look good in front of a camera, and most of that sort of makeup you don’t usually own. So, for the best possible results make sure you have your makeup done by a pro.

Similarly, have someone from your bride crew, your maid of honor, for example, carry lipstick or mascara and a mirror for additional touch-ups.

8. Properly Managing Time Is Essential

Knowing how to properly manage your time during a wedding is crucial. Having some sort of a schedule will save you unnecessary stress and you won’t have to run around.

Make a schedule of things that you need to be done and in which order. Also, don’t forget to calculate in the time necessary for each shooting session.
Being somewhat organized during the big day will certainly work in your favor.

Having all planned out is OK, but don’t forget to relax and have fun. And don’t forget that the best kinds of photos are the ones that capture you smiling, laughing and enjoying your wedding day.

Daria Winters

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