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For many homeowners, buying a vacation home or a rental property is a worthwhile investment. If you fall in this category, you must be aware that maintaining these properties when they are not in use is a hassle. One such aspect of constant maintenance is the windows, and installing the right type can not only add aesthetic value but also drive down the cost of upkeep. So, without further ado, here are 4 steps you must follow to install the perfect windows in your vacation home.

Consider Cost

Being a vacation home, you might be tempted to cut down on cost and install cheap quality windows. However, this decision might cost you in the long run. Not only will it need more maintenance and repair, but it might also impact the aesthetic quality of your property. Thus, whether you use the space for leisure or are renting it out to guests, the bottom line is that using cheap materials is not a good look.

Alternatively, try to go for standard quality windows and shutters made by well-recognized brands. If the prices are too steep, you can always go for more local brands that have a similar build and quality but somewhat lower prices. Lastly, you can even browse antique stores and other similar unconventional spaces for windows, as they will add a unique look to your vacation property. After all, the whole purpose of a vacation is to break free from the monotony of daily life!

Consider Quality Views While Deciding on Window Placement

While the quality of the windows is an important factor, it’s even more vital to install them in the correct place. Irrespective of the location of your vacation home, such as a beach, a mountain, near the woods, or the countryside, it is indisputable that the natural, scenic views are perhaps one of the biggest attractions of your property. Hence, you need to be very careful while deciding the placement of the windows as you don’t want your views to be spoiled by poor planning. 

Moreover, if you are a fan of watching sunrise or sunset, depending on the geography of the house, you should take that into consideration. Even if the placement of the windows seems complicated and perhaps costs more during installation, do remember that you can’t put a price on gorgeous natural views and the happiness they would provide. Furthermore, if you are in doubt, you can always consult some expert window installers or even enlist their services if deemed necessary.

Weigh Window Options

The most comprehensive of all, you as the cabin owner must now decide on the type of windows that you want to install on your property. Generally, there are 6 common designs: 

  • Awning windows that open from the bottom
  • Massive bay windows that offer unparalleled views 
  • Casement windows
  • Single-hung windows 
  • Double-hung windows if you prefer air circulation
  • Sliding windows, which can even function as a door. 

If you are overwhelmed by the options, then remember that the choice of the window will depend primarily on the location of your vacation home. For example, you might prefer a double-hung window if your property is in a tropical setting, as it offers superior air circulation.

 However, apart from aesthetics, it’s prudent to also keep safety and utility in mind. Ideally, opt for windows made from safety glass which are sturdy, easy to handle, and also offer considerable insulation from UV light. For colder regions, the same glass can also help trap heat in the house, thereby offering considerable protection from the elements.

Installation: DIY or Pro?

This is a completely personal preference and is based on your skills in home renovation and repair. If you are an expert or at least have intermediate experience with home renovation projects, then you can perhaps install the windows on your own with the right tools. However, for most people, it’s highly preferable to leave the job to the experts, for no one wants to be stuck with a DIY project when they are on vacation.

Hence, when you have finalized the quality, location, and the type of window that you want, you can call in an installation team and they will be done with the task in a few hours. As mentioned above, if you are unsure about the placement of your windows, you can directly consult with the installation team, as they might be able to provide better alternatives. Lastly, using professional help also covers you financially as you might be compensated if there is an error on their part.

By following these 4 preliminary steps, you can install stunning windows for your vacation home that will not only boost its looks but also offer considerable protection from the elements. You can also rest easy knowing you made a perfect choice, and simply enjoy the gorgeous views when you do visit the property.

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