How To Develop Spiritually if You Aren’t Religious



When most people think of being spiritual, they often assume this can only occur if they are attending religious services. However, that’s not necessarily true in the eyes of more and more people in today’s world. As attendance at traditional religious gatherings declines, more people now think of themselves as being spiritual. If you are not religious but still want to develop your sense of spirituality, here are some easy and important ways you can do so on a daily basis.

Find Ways to be Useful

If you want to feel your sense of spirituality growing by the day, find ways to be useful to others. For example, you can volunteer at a local school or animal shelter, or choose to instead perform simple acts of kindness each day, such as giving up your seat on a bus or paying it forward at a restaurant. Often a local church will host a charity event for the community and you can volunteer to help with it, even if you aren’t a member of the church. This is a great way to make an impact on your community and grow spiritually.

Appreciate Nature

Even if you are not sitting inside a church for a traditional religious service, you can still develop spiritually once you take a look around you and appreciate all that nature has to offer. To do so, take a walk to a nearby park and sit down on a bench for a while. When you do, you’ll start to notice the trees, flowers, birds, wildlife, and maybe even the laughter of children as they play nearby.

Keep Life Simple

In today’s world, it is so easy to get caught up in the latest comments on social media and the many stressful events that seem to occur more and more each day. Rather than lose yourself in the bad news, choose instead to keep your life as simple as possible. To do so, you can do such things as turn off your phone for an hour or two each day, tell yourself it’s okay if you don’t drive the fanciest car or live in the biggest house, and maybe take a few minutes to meditate or give yourself a pep talk each morning before you start your day.

Read Some Good Books

Finally, reading a variety of good books can help you understand the world and the people in it more than you ever imagined. Whether you want to read books about various philosophies or simply books that are uplifting and tell inspirational stories, you’ll soon find yourself having a sense of spirituality you never thought possible.

Join a Local Group

It can be difficult to grow as an individual but with the support and encouragement of others, it can be easier. The group doesn’t have to be spirit-focused to help you grow spiritually. Often, groups that hike together or ride together, have common beliefs and enjoy sharing perspectives together.

By doing little things for others, keeping life in perspective, and remembering that tomorrow is a new day, you’ll discover that even if you are not religious, it is still possible to develop greater spiritual awareness.


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