4 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Spirituality



For many of us, spiritual beliefs form a core part of who we are, and what we value. Whether your spirituality manifests in religious practice or is something more private, it is undeniably a part of life that should be given great importance. What’s more, scientific research shows there are tangible benefits to practicing spirituality. That’s probably why it can feel so good to let your spiritual side show! Here are a few interesting ways you can celebrate your spiritual side. 

1. Meditate

Meditation has been a popular practice among spiritual individuals for decades, and its use in religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism goes back thousands of years. As a great and effective way of promoting mindfulness and reducing stress, what is perhaps most shocking about meditation is the array of health benefits associated with it. Research suggests that meditation can not only reduce stress and negative emotions, but also make us more creative, self-aware, and patient. It is perhaps not unsurprising then that people who meditate are also more likely to engage in other positive spiritual behaviours, such as donating to and volunteering to help people in need. 

Aside from the surprising amount of health benefits, meditating also gives us the time to contemplate our spirituality, and what we value the most. If you are looking for guidance on how to start meditation or how to make your meditation more focused, today there are a huge number of websites and apps which can give you step-by-step guidance in this area. 

2. Attend Courses

Another great way of celebrating your spirituality is to learn and develop a more in-depth understanding of your values and beliefs. This can be helpful in exploring the origin and philosophies behind spiritual concepts, as well as in learning how to apply those ideas to your daily life. Religious congregations are of course an option if that is how you express your spiritual side. However, if your spirituality is pan-religious, or specific to you, there are a large number of courses that can help you dive into more abstract and personalized spiritual ideas. Wicca Academy, for example, even offers in-depth and entertaining courses on witchcraft, if you’re interested in showing off your dark side. 

3. Get Creative

For many of us, a large part of spirituality involves understanding the true self beyond what people see every day. As a result, symbolism and art have been a huge part of expressing beliefs and values in religion since the earliest recorded human history. In this respect, getting involved in a creative project can be a fun way of expressing your deeply held values. 

4. Keep Healthy

Interestingly, many writers and life coaches emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to celebrating your spirituality. As counterintuitive as it may sound, taking care of the spiritual self also requires the physical body to be looked after. Moreover, lifestyle changes such as increasing your intake of organic food and regularly exercising have also been linked to a number of mental benefits, including increased mindfulness and positivity. 


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