How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays



It is that time of the year again when all our strength goes to surviving continuous parties and family gatherings, along with dealing with pending anxiety over our unattained goals. Simply put, it is easier than ever to slip back into the unhealthy mode since circumstances seem to work against us. Although this is a time of temptation, one does not have to flush healthy habits down the toilet, nor should have the iron willpower to make it through the holiday season. All it takes is a bit of mindfulness and a few good tips. 

Make a Protein Plate 

Party food is all about little bites, a variety of flavours, colours, and textures. While most of the food will be processed and rich in calories, focus on healthy ingredients and fill your plate with
protein food. Your protein plate will keep you satiated, and it will lower the risk of overeating. 

Have a Meatless Meal 

Plan your diet to have one meatless meal a day. It will draw your attention to healthier alternatives, and it will help you to control your sugar and cholesterol levels. One plant-based meal a day is not much of a sacrifice, while it is a great opportunity to get creative with healthy ingredients like veggies, grains, cheese or tofu. 

Bring Your Food 

Socializing increases appetite, and gossiping goes well with chewing your favourite snacks. It is hard to keep control of eating when all delicious food is at your arms reach, so make sure to bring your healthy treats. Who knows, maybe someone will join you in your ‘’keep it healthy’’ crusade. 

Eat Regularly 

Most people make the same mistake during the holiday season, which is eating too little during the day because they plan to attend a party in the evening. Arriving hungry is a recipe for disaster, since it is most likely that you will overeat, and you will be eating no-no food. Keep your appetite stable so that you can make healthier choices at the party. 

Aim For a Balanced Diet 

Try to maintain your good habits and stick to healthy balanced meals that include recommended proportions of proteins, fibers, carbs, and fat. Also, make sure to include high-quality ingredients, preferably organic. Know where your veggies come from and bear in mind that the quality of meat depends solely on
animal nutrition. Fueling your body with quality food will allow you occasional evening slip-ups during the holiday season. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

Aside from the fact that we are dehydrated most of the time, we often confuse signals that our body sends us. Always remember that your body is more thirsty than hungry, so the moment you feel a craving, drink a glass of water. It will keep you from overeating, and your food will taste much better. 

Try to Keep Your Routine 

Although holidays make it impossible to eat, work out and sleep the way you normally would, do your best to stick to your day-to-day schedule as much as possible. Find creative ways to exercise, whether it is a long walk or some fun activity with friends or family. Be mindful of what you eat and try to rest as often as you can. 


Holidays can seriously disrupt our routine, but for what is worth, it won’t last forever. Remember that this is supposed to be joyous and festive time, so loosening up a bit may even be a good thing, regarding how exhausting period this can be. Still, control your cravings so that you don’t have to work out twice as hard later on.


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