How to Find a Soulmate and Why it Matters



Let’s be honest: not everyone openly believes in the concept of soulmates. In fact, the whole idea has become something of a cliché in modern society, with many people so cynical as to say that soulmates have never and will never exist; we are just biological creatures trying to fulfill our need for reproduction and, because we’re intelligent, we’ll come up with all sorts of elaborate lies to tell ourselves to hide the fact in plain sight. And yet, something tells me that, on a deep level, you don’t really agree with that.

It has been my experience that the people who don’t believe in the idea of a soulmate, are often the ones who haven’t found theirs,” says David Wahlberg a researcher who offers dissertation writing services.

Those who have had that deep and intoxicating experience we call true love know just how true it is; when you meet someone and, almost in an instant, you know. Whatever it is that gets known varies from individual to individual but the certainty we feel in our hearts when we meet the proverbial one is pretty much universal.

Sure, we can nitpick and say that there isn’t any evidence that there is only one person out there among the other 7 billion plus that was meant for us. There are many potential people we could develop a deep connection with. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be instant. Many successful couples started out as close friends or acquaintances and didn’t even see each other in ‘that way’ until many years later. A friend of mine that does custom coursework writing met his wife in this way. They worked together for 10 years but only started dating in the last 4 years of that period.

And yet, that still doesn’t take away from the overall fact that the feeling does exist when you meet someone with whom your energies are compatible. It doesn’t take away from the fact that no matter how long it takes you to realize that your soulmate had been under your nose the whole time, there are still signs that are there throughout that an observant person would recognize as indicative of kindred spirits.

According to Easyessay, the need and yearning for love is one of the most fundamental human emotions, owing itself to our deeply social nature. And so, for the majority of us, whether we believe in true love and the idealized concept of a soulmate or not, there is still a deep-seated hope that one day we will find someone with whom we can carve out our own niche in the land of Happily Ever After.

But why?

Why Does Finding Your Soulmate Matter?

Life is harsh and the vicissitudes of this world often take their toll on us when the pressure becomes too much. We often feel lonely, even when we are surrounded by people, simply because there is no connection felt. We feel like we have to face the world alone and close ourselves off to the world, leaving our vulnerabilities inside.

And yet, if we were to find someone who understood us without us saying a single word, it would be magic. According to famed relationship expert Dr. Carmen Harra, they would cause us to let our guard down and expose every little thing about ourselves; the good, the bad, and the ugly, without any fear of judgment. Such a person would be the much-needed reprieve that would make life just a little easier to bear.

A soulmate is exact as the word implies: someone whose soul is compatible with ours. That means it goes well beyond the physical. It is someone with whom we can achieve a deeper connection. Someone with whom we can communicate our innermost thoughts without having to try too hard. That sense of closeness, when contained in a romantic interest, can be powerful. In fact, according to Susan Feltman, a paper writing expert, soulmates have the unique ability to read and even mirror our emotions.

And it goes beyond even that. The synergy that comes from having someone with whom we are in-sync at our side is enough to cause us to achieve our greatest goals. They are at once your most passionate critic and your greatest cheerleader. They are the ones who tell you to go for it, no matter what it is and they are also the ones who call you out when you get out of line.

A soulmate will make a great parent for your children. They will be your best friend. They will be your highest advisor and your advocate in all of your struggles with the world. They will help you carry the heavier burdens in your life and give you the courage to face your fears and chase after your dreams. No matter how strong you are as a person, you probably could do with that kind of person by your side.

Another study by Australian writing shows that people who are in love actually have stronger immunity, mental health, and overall life satisfaction.

The beauty is that I probably didn’t have to say all of that to convince you that finding your soulmate, or at least a soulmate, is important. We all intuitively seem to be drawn toward love and finding someone that we can share a deep love with (unless you’re a psychopath, of course). Knowing the why of soulmates has never really been an issue. It’s the how that’s a hard nut to crack.

How to Find Your Soulmate

While we know that we would probably be better off if we found our soulmates, the exact techniques for finding one are anybody’s guess. Humanity has come up with many marvelous technological achievements. From the internet to games to college paper writing services, they are legion. And yet, despite all that, humanity has not yet come up with a machine that can calculate the romantic compatibility of two individuals. If we had it would have been as simple as a few button presses and presto! You get you to know if that hunk or beauty sitting at the corner of that coffee shop is really the one or just another temporary infatuation.

The best we have right now is trial and error. It’s an elaborate but less romantic version of the princess that kisses many frogs before she finds her prince. You’re going to have to put yourself out there, cast your net, or throw your fishing line(or whatever other apt hunting and gathering metaphor you can come with for finding love), and wait till you catch something.

That said, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you catch something faster. Here are the most important ones from EssayGeeks essay writing service:

You Have to Believe That You Have a Soulmate

This is something I touched on at the beginning of this article. It’s pretty hard to find your soulmate if you aren’t already convinced that he or she exists. After all, our reality is to a great extent dictated by our perception. Quite often, we subconsciously block the things that we don’t want by keeping them out of our minds.

If you’re skeptical that you can experience the love of soulmate proportions, then chances are you’ll end up settling for less and will never discover just how much better you could have gotten had you pushed a little harder. However, if you believe that there is a person out there made especially for you, and you for them, the universe will have no choice but to conspire to make your beliefs manifest.

Moreover, part of belief is entitlement. You shouldn’t just believe in a soulmate, but you should also believe that you deserve one. You should believe that you deserve not just mediocre love, but epic and unconditional love. You are worthy of the very best partner you could possibly get, no matter who you are and where you’re from and what you’ve been through or done in the past. That adds a layer of belief in that it forces you to start acting as if you already have that soulmate. That’s what entitlement really is about; acting like the universe has no choice than to give you what you want because it was your birthright.

Be Yourself


This is probably going to be the hardest of finding a soulmate, precisely because we are often socialized to conform, rather than differentiate. Being yourself can often feel like having to take the unbeaten path and go against the grain. You might be more of a classical music person. However, you find yourself going to the club all of the time simply because that’s what your friends are doing. You might want to be a professional essay writer but you were pressured into majoring in law because that was what your parents wanted.


And yet, being yourself is probably the most powerful move you could make toward finding your soulmate. Authenticity has a way of attracting authenticity. Chances are that you and your soulmate share a lot of likes in common. At the very least, you are likely to end up being romantically involved with people who you share a lot in common with, and that can sometimes boil down to the places you hang out and the activities you engage in.

To take the example of wanting to offer essay writing services but pursuing law instead: you’ll frequent a lot of law events and be around lawyers and people in connected professions a lot. You’re therefore likely to meet your soulmate in those circles. But if you don’t even enjoy your life in those circles, what are the chances you’re going to enjoy being romantically involved with someone from those circles? You’ve got a closet passion for essay writing and you’re SO isn’t going to appreciate that because that wasn’t how he or she met you, or the impression he or she got of you when they met you.


On the other hand, if you chase after the things that set your soul on fire, and stick to the circles that resonate with who you are, then you are going to be very likely to find someone who does just the same. It’s hierarchical, even fractal, in nature. The smaller reflects the larger and vice versa. You go to places that make you happy and do things that make you happy and generally put yourself in situations that make you happy, and eventually you begin to meet people in this places and situations that also make you happy. And while it’s not written in stone, these are the places you are most likely going to meet your soulmate.

Conversely, you should avoid people, things, places, and activities that ruin your mood and throw bad vibes. Not only is it going to help you gravitate toward your soulmate, but it is also going to make you a happy person overall. Be the best version of yourself. Be the person that the person you want, wants.

Get Rid of Your Baggage

While we’re on the subject of getting rid of things that are bad for your energy, let’s not forget that you should also take the time to heal from your past. Any past failed relationships, old hurts, and general emotional baggage should have been dealt with by the time your soulmate comes knocking.

Sometimes it may mean cutting off some people or taking on new habits, like meditation or offering essay writing help, or even going for therapy, but it’s okay if it helps you become the very best version of yourself. You want your soulmate to come and find you ready to accept them completely without walls or reservations.


Finding your soulmate will probably be one of the most important events in your life if not the most important. Lots of things that matter now will stop mattering then and you will feel like one half of a greater whole. However, before you get there, it is important that you are a complete and independent person on your own, living your best life and doing what makes you happy. That is the surest and easiest way to attract true love. I do hope you find that person, and when you do, I hope you shoot me a little thank you email for the encouragement I gave you today.

Scott Mathews

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