How To Make an Open Space a Garden Paradise



One of the things that decidedly separates human beings from the rest of the animal kingdom is cultivation and agriculture. Knowing how to pick plants to deliberately put into the ground and grow is a skill that’s been mastered and passed down through the millennia. Now, you can take advantage of that knowledge by learning how to make an open space a garden paradise.

Define Your Dreams and Your Budget

Before you run out and start buying seeds, sit down and list out two things. First, doodle, draw, or just brainstorm your dream garden. Second, list out your budget in terms of how much money you can realistically afford to sink into this adventure. Hopefully, you’ll find a lot of overlap.

Consult Raw Land Lenders

Businesses such as Raw land lenders are financial institutions that can help you finance the purchase of an open plot of land that has not yet been developed. Some may base their decision on your income, debt, and credit rating, but others might offer hard money loans based on other things, such as physical collateral.

Look for Land

A real estate professional can help you find a less developed lot just as much as they can help you find a home to buy. They can help you sift through the possibilities. But if anything else, they can help you find a home with enough property that will allow you to accomplish your dreams.

Decide on Your Layout

An awesome garden is a place of life and color, but you can’t plant seeds in every square inch. You want to leave enough room between plants for them to thrive. However, you also need to leave space for people to enjoy the garden. That might be seating areas or just walking paths.

Plant and Wait

Plants that are native to the region you buy land in will be a lot easier to maintain and more likely to thrive. However, you can choose plants from other places, so long as you know there will be more work involved. Honor the hardiness zone your land is in when picking plants. As you plant, do what is necessary to help the seeds grow, but also be patient. You might not have a garden for a year or so.

Go for a Wildlife Friendly Garden

Planting flowers and fruit-bearing trees can attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. You can also add a birdbath for your flying friends to enjoy on those hot sunny days. This will surely elevate your garden and make it a paradise for you and the wildlife living in it.

Is It Worth It

Finding an open space and then turning it into a garden paradise is a long process, but it’s well worth it. You can build a home to enjoy the land yourself, open the garden to the public, or even use it as a space for weddings and other events. You could have sections for underground greenhouses to grow herbs in the cooler seasons. 

All-in-all it is a space where you would finally be able to make your own, give back to the planet, and even live off the land more. A place of refuge for your family and friends to come and enjoy the peace and quiet. Or just a space for you. Whatever you decide, it will be yours to call home.


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