The Best Feature Trees to Plant in Your Home Garden



You need a feature tree in your garden that stands out and makes your garden unique. Eye-catching feature trees can be one of the best ways to make a statement in a landscape. While some may be smaller in size, others are difficult to overlook and can dominate the landscape with their size or magnificence. You may add a single tree or the same tree can be repeated for maximum impact. There will never be a dearth of beauty in the garden with the perfect feature tree.

Best Feature Tree to Plant in Your Garden

Here is a selection of the best feature trees for landscapes of varied sizes and features they will undoubtedly set your landscape out from the crowd with their uniqueness.

Pyrus Chanticleer 

Perfectly proportioned and traditional in appearance, they can be a landscape standout! These trees have an exquisite form which makes them perfect for grand mansions or for avenues. They work well both as a standalone and even in multiple numbers.

They have something to offer in every season. In the autumn, the leaves take on the hues of orange, scarlet, and gold tones while in the summer months, the leaves are brilliant, thick, and, glossy green. Masses of white blooms brightly sparkle in the sunlight during the spring season.

Acer Palmatum Senkaki 

In recent times, one of the most popular smaller trees has been the Acer p. Senkaki, also known as the Coral Bark Maple. As in the much-loved Japanese maple tree, they also have;

  • Compact form
  • Vibrant Autumn colors
  • Fine delicate leaves

Even in winter, these feature trees put up quite a show with young stems with vivid red bark.

Cercis Forest Pansy 

With magnificent colors throughout the season and a small size, it is gradually becoming one of the favorite trees for many people in the city of Melbourne. Whether in the autumn or in the spring season, it can win hearts easily with its small but attractive appearance. This is a beautiful tree that can complement modern as well as traditional settings.

Gleditsia Sunburst 

This brilliant feature tree looks heavenly when light diffuses through its canopy. Throughout summer, its delicate yellow feathery new spring leaves turn green slowly, giving off a magnificent sight. Autumn sees this tree turn into a beautiful gold color. It has a large, spreading canopy and stands among the brightest feature trees in the garden.

Jacaranda Mimosifolia 

With its feathery leaves and long- branches, it gives the best kind of shade in a landscape and can be recognized instantly. The superb foliage and brilliant blossoms of these trees have made them a favorite for many centuries. During the summer, the tree is covered with masses of brilliant purple, bell-shaped blooms, earning it the label as one of the most spectacular feature trees around.

Lagerstroemia Natchez 

Natchez is an excellent choice if your preference is a medium-sized feature tree. This is a beautiful tree that appeals to everyone all through the year.

You can get a rainbow of crimson, orange, and gold in autumn from the brilliant green leaves of summer. These feature trees serve as an attractive highlight in the winter landscape standing out with their smooth, creamy patina. During the summer months and early days of autumn, the tree is covered in crystal white blossoms. This is a resilient tree that makes for a wonderful traditional décor feature for a garden. You will love to have it in your landscape.

There is a wide range of feature trees to choose from that will enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your landscape. You can choose one that appeals to your aesthetics and enjoy its magnificence all year round.

Hayley Potter

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