How To Protect Your Family and Valuables From Burglars



There is nothing more important than protecting your castle from intrusion. Burglars are becoming increasingly clever. While digital hacking is a threat to your money, the physical danger of a break-in puts your family at bodily risk. Burglaries across the board have decreased in recent decades, but those same crimes have increased in metropolitan areas. Here are a few ways you can protect your family and valuables from burglary.

Alarm Systems

Burglars prefer quiet, so the risk of a loud alarm system blaring is usually enough to keep them out. However, there are many silent alarm systems that notify police of a break-in that can be just as effective. Traditional systems are hard-wired into walls, while newer systems are more mobile–you can take them with you if you move–and are often easier and cheaper to install and maintain.

Install Motion-Activated Lights 

Motion-activated lights can be a great deterrent against potential burglars because they will automatically turn on when someone approaches the house at night. They can also give you peace of mind knowing that if someone does try to break in, they will be caught in the light and potentially scared away before they have a chance to get inside. Just make sure you install motion-activated lights in strategic areas around the house for maximum protection against intruders. 

Install Security Doors and Windows

Sometimes a strong, physical barrier is all that’s needed to deter a criminal. Installing security doors and window guards is an excellent way to keep burglars out. While older security doors and windows were eye-sores, newer styles are much more pleasing. A security door built with diamond weave, fleur-de-lis, or scrollwork can both increase your home’s security as well as add an element of design to its exterior.

Creatively Hide Your Valuables

Forget hiding cash in mattresses and coffee cans. Today’s variety of hideaway furniture and knick-knacks blend in perfectly with your home so criminals won’t know where to look for your valuables even if they get in. Consider fixtures like doors that look like bookcases, dressers with secret compartments, and books that are actually small safes. You might also want to invest in a sturdy safe you can keep in your closet. Make sure it is large enough to keep all of your valuable items in. You will also want to keep your important documents or cash in it. 

Get a Safe

Finally, little is more frustrating to a house thief than an actual locking, stand-up safe. They’re too heavy to move and take too much time (and noise) to sit and pry open. A true, stand-up safe (as opposed to a small, carry-sized personal safe) is a large investment, but one that can both hide your valuables, as well as offer fire protection to them, is nearly priceless. Today’s safes come with a range of locking features. You can go for the traditional dial safe or upgrade to a digital keypad or fingerprint scanner.

However you decide to protect your treasures, those efforts are worth the cost. Installing a security door, an alarm system, hiding your belongings, or investing in a heavy safe to keep your valuables out of harm’s way are all effective and reasonable measures at protecting what’s precious to you.


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