How To Style an Entertainment Center in a Family Home



If you’re like most people, your family home probably has a lot of entertainment center space that’s just begging to be styled. But with so many options available, it can be tough to know where to start. Not to worry, we’re here to help! In this post, we’ll outline some simple tips for styling an entertainment center in a family-friendly way. So, whether you’re looking for ideas for your own home or are simply curious about the latest trends, read on for inspiration.

Keep in Mind the Purpose

An entertainment center isn’t just for TV-watching. It’s also a space that can be used to display photos, books, and other knickknacks that mean something to you and your family. So, when you’re shopping for one, keep in mind what it’ll be used for most often. If your primary goal is to create a TV-viewing stand, then you’ll need to focus on that. If it’s more of a place for family photos and another décor, then do that instead.

Arrange the Room Around Your Entertainment Center

If you’re short of an area for your entertainment center, you should consider moving some furniture or rearranging some things. You can use an entertainment center wall unit to create the room’s medium for easy arrangement. But if possible, try to have a nice open area around it. You want everyone who comes into your home to have room to view any decorative items you have set up on the center’s shelves.

A Little Color Goes a Long Way

Color is one of the most important aspects of styling an entertainment center. A good rule of thumb is to stick to only two colors at a time and make sure one of them is neutral. A basic white entertainment center will look great in nearly any room, with nearly every color choice available for accenting it. If you want something that pops more, then pick up an entertainment center with color on it.

Keep the Kids’ Stuff Separate

Kids, especially very young ones, can be messy by nature. For this reason, you may want to consider keeping their toys and games in a different area of your entertainment center than where you watch TV or otherwise entertain guests. Storing their items up high can also help keep things organized and away from prying hands.

Cluster Your Entertainment Center Accessories

Accessories can make all the difference in your entertainment center styling. So, if you have any accessories to store, don’t put them on shelves that are too high for easy access. Instead, try arranging them into groups or clusters of related items that’ll look great together. For example, don’t just organize all your movie cases by title. In its place, group them by genre or director to create a visually appealing look.

Use Photo and Art Displays for Interest and Personality

One of the best ways to add interest to your entertainment center styling is family photos and paintings. It’s also one of the best ways to bring some personality into your home décor. You can frame photos or paintings of family, friends, or significant places. Or you can take the DIY approach and mount them on your entertainment center walls with some simple crafting techniques.

Switch It Up To Keep Things Interesting

If you have only a few pieces of entertainment center décor, consider switching them out from time to time. Let your tastes change with the seasons, but don’t switch them out too often. We briefly mentioned it before, but using photographic displays is one of the best ways to keep things fresh and give you a reason to organize your entertainment center again in the future.

Don’t Forget About TV Covers

Speaking of your entertainment center’s contents, don’t forget to include TV covers. These can be easy to forget about, but they’re important for protecting your TV from dust and other objects that might damage it. Many TVs come with their covers, so you may not need to buy additional ones. But if not, investing in some is a great idea.

Engage the Angles

Remember that your entertainment center styling doesn’t have to be limited to straight angles. In fact, you can create more visual interest by incorporating angles of different sizes and locations. By applying these styling tips to your entertainment center, you can take it from ordinary to extraordinary. Carefully choose the items you put on display and stylishly organize them, and watch as your guests’ jaws drop when they enter your home for the first time. And, if you don’t have an entertainment center, these tips are great for helping you find one that works in your home. 


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