8 Affordable Décor Ideas To Make Your Living Room Stand Out



The living room is where everyone spends quality time as a family. Hence, the room must be arranged to everyone’s liking and taste, while also keeping in mind the dos and don’ts of decorating a living room. You may think that decorating is associated with placing pricey rugs and luxury wallpapers. But we don’t think so. You can make your room stand out using trendy and affordable items. A simple bookshelf or placing natural plants is enough to give a twist to your living room. Here are eight fabulous ideas you can implement to make your living room stand out without emptying your pockets.

1. Move Around the Furniture

A living room can look neat and clean by rearranging the existing furniture. In doing so, remove the unwanted waste, clear out the rubbish, and move the furniture around until the final look pleases you. Take the help of your family in moving heavy items like sofas and shelves. Also, place the furniture in a way that the whole room looks organized (the position of the sofa and chairs must complement each other). Anyone entering your room should be pleased to have a conversation with you by looking at the arrangement.

When arranging furniture, make sure to always have a focal point—anything that, in your opinion, makes the room’s most powerful statement. Whether choosing a television, a wall-mounted gallery of pictures, a light fixture, or a set of vibrant, boucle-upholstered sofas, always keeps the space’s flow in mind. A crowded room with too much furniture and not enough space to move around is less cozy and welcoming.

2. Apply a Coat of Paint

Another budget-friendly hack is to apply a layer of paint. The living room must always look warm and inviting, so go for the colours that elevate the pleasantness. Also, the applied colour must go with the furniture and other accessories you might have on the wall. In some cases, applying a contrasting shade to the floor or the accessories will beautify the look.

3. Give a Personalized Touch

What’s best than adding a personalised touch to your living room? Get your artistic sense out and decorate your living room walls with paintings, crafts and other DIY items. You can place your travel photos, favourite maps, signage, collages of friends and family, and many more. Not only does it look personal but also cosy and homely. Moreover, the guests coming to your home can appreciate the various décor items that you’ve prepared on your own.

4. Add a Few Dramatic Elements

Do you want to give a dramatic effect to your room but are afraid that it’ll be expensive? Don’t be. You just have to have a statement piece like a bold area rug, striking wall art, or colourful chandeliers. If you do, pair them with neutral wall colours, budget-friendly window treatments and simple chairs and upholsteries. Remember that a bold element must be paired with subtle items to get a streamlined look.

5. Refurbish Your Vintage Décor

You can take out the vintage or unwanted furnishings and use them as decorative pieces in your living room. For example, use a damaged wooden ladder to display throw items and your favourite magazines. You can use any trunks you have as stools by sewing a cushion on top of it. Cover your cushions with new slipcovers and place an elegant cloth on the coffee table. Simple changes like this will give an immense and beautiful change to your living room.

6. Show-Off Your Collectables

Do you or any of your family members have a collecting habit? Then it’s perfect as a decorating item in your living room. As collectables are in different colours, patterns, and shapes, arranging them on a shelf or the wall will elevate the look of your room. While arranging, make sure you’re grouping similar items to get an aesthetic theme.

7. Accessories To Accentuate

If all the above-mentioned are sounding too much to you, then why not upgrade the living room accessories? You can buy budget-friendly throw pillows, new window treatments, fabric table lamps, etc., and replace the old ones with new ones. You can also hang fun-decorative items like tassels, wind chimes, vintage maps, and many more like that.

8. Natural or Artificial Plants

It’s an evergreen decorative idea no matter how much your budget is, isn’t it? Indoor plants are available at any cost you want. For more elegance, buy plants with attractive leaf shapes and colours and place them near windows or on the side tables. If natural plants aren’t your game, then you can also put artificial ones to get the same elegance.

Living Room – The Entire Family’s Main Area

Whether you have an independent house, apartment or a double-storey building (learn here the pros and cons of building a double-storey building), a living room is the main space for the entire family. So, don’t hesitate to decorate even though you have to spend some extra bucks. Apart from the above ideas, brainstorm the decorative ideas by looking around your home. Who knows, you may surprise yourself!

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