How to Style Mother of the Bride Suits Plus Size



Suits are not restricted to men only. The classy suits have forayed into female clothing as well, and have been time and again donned by many mothers of the brides. The celebs spotted every now and then in suits have left a deep impact on the millennia and suits have become all the rage in the fashion scene. Suits accentuate every body shape, irrespective of the age. They are worn in casual parties and formal gatherings alike. In marriage functions also, many fashionistas prefer wearing suits and needless to say, grab eyeballs.

It can, however, be tricky for plus size women to find a proper suit for them, especially when they are looking to wear it for a special occasion, like their daughter’s wedding. The mother of the bride has always in a dilemma what to wear on her daughter’s big day.

If you can identify yourself with this problem, we will suggest you go for suits. Suits, as a matter of fact, can successfully cover the problem areas of your body and highlight your positives. Here, we will discuss in detail how to properly style mother of the bride suits plus size.

To get you started, we will advise you to track down the nearest plus-size store in your area or hire a professional for yourself to design your dress.

Read below to know how you can choose the perfect mother of the bride suits plus size and accessorize them in the right order.

Choose a Suit in a Dark Colour:

You are no stranger to the fact that a plus-size woman looks her best in dark colours. We will stick to the age-old method of visually trimming pounds from your body. We will typically advise you to choose charcoal/grey for the colour of your mother of the bride suits plus size, which will double duty. Wondering how? As you already have guessed that it will make you look way slimmer than usual and younger as well. We will, however, opine against the colour black, because that is the colour of mourning and obviously doesn’t correspond to a wedding function.

Choose a Pinstriped Suit:

Pins-striped mother of the bride suits plus size is having a huge moment nowadays. We are all for the pin-striped suits because they make you look taller as well as slim you down visually. Remember, pinstripes go in vertical order, thereby navigating the onlooker’s eyes downwards, which creates an impression being taller and slimmer.

Put Your High Heels On:

You shouldn’t compromise with the length of your heels, because risqué heels only help put together the entire outfit. Like you haven’t been miserly when choosing the fabric for the suit, the heels should also be of the highest quality. Give the high-end brands a shot, because the look has to speak volumes.

Check What You Are Wearing Beneath:

This is your key to taking the cake away. The shirt that you wear underneath should complement the suit. You can leave that on to your stylist, but make sure to pull that off with confidence.

Mellow Down While Accessorizing:

Over accessorizing will only defeat your purpose. You will need to be really cautious while accessorizing when it comes to the suits. We will typically suggest you wear pearls with suits because they go down well with them. Diamonds are also another option that you have at hand while accessorizing your mother of the bride suits plus size.

When you are trying out the suit for the first time, do a proper mirror-check to make sure it hugs your curves perfectly and is suitable for the occasion. We really hope the above points serve you right in choosing your mother of the bride suits plus size.


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