How To Build A Man’s Business Suit Wardrobe



Every cosmopolitan man strives to have immaculate outlook worthy of a professional business person. The first step to achieve that sophisticated business look is to completely alter and upgrade your wardrobe. Whether you are going on an interview for a job or trying to impress the head bosses at your chair meeting, it is of utmost importance to look clean and sharp. Here are some of the ways to improve your business suit wardrobe.


  • Start by organizing your chiffonier

The first handshake and impression are the most powerful tools for any business incentives and opportunities. A man’s business suit thus must leave a mark according to his education and profession. In order to achieve that goal, you should clear out all your dated suits from your wardrobe that haven’t been worn for years. Next, consider arranging your wardrobe by colors and fabrics of the suits and shirts. Make sure that you have a special drawer for the undershirts and socks. Your accessories such as watches and hats should be placed in a separated drawer so to avoid clutter and prosper systematization.


  • Consider quality over quantity

One of the fundamentals of professional outlook is to dress smart and that implies purchasing quality tailored suits. If you wear a unique custom tailored suit, it can count as a sound investment, since quality is easily recognizable in the business world and the aim is to always look your best. With custom tailoring, you could experiment with bolder patterns and statement pieces. Another benefit of having your own tailor, for example, is that you can always have a proper fit suit made out of excellent material, and having a couple of those suits in your wardrobe would certainly make a difference towards your business attitude.


  • Be bold with colors

Implementing a variety of different suits in your business wardrobe will give you an opportunity to pick a designated suit according to the working day you may have. The pivotal thing in any business suit is to strive for elegance and strength, that’s why you should have a gray suit in your wardrobe. It goes perfectly with white, bright blue, or pink shirt. Also, for the spring and summer, consider having a khaki or light brown cotton suit. Of course, the suit which exudes confidence and sophistication is the pin-navy stripped suit which is ideal for classy business dinners and late meetings. Actually, any type of classical pinstripe suit, whether in black, gray or navy color will scream power.


  • Essential wardrobe adornments

There is a known saying that “a man who pays attention to details can be trusted to handle other people’s affairs”. In other words, paying attention to slight details is also of utmost importance. If you look professional and business-like during weekdays, you should also focus on looking your best even during weekends since you may never know when you could pop up to a colleague or business partner. Next to vital suits in your business wardrobe, you should have at least 4 pairs of casual leather shoes, 2 pairs of dress shoes, minimum 10 different patterned and colored ties, 2 pairs of jeans and 4 polo shirt as well. Last but not least, pay attention to the choice of the cuff of your shirt. Men usually go for a single-buttoned standard cuff, but you can also have a french or two-buttoned cuff in your wardrobe.

Once you set up your business wardrobe accordingly, you will look refined and cultured. In the end, next to unblemished look, putting a smile on your face will top up everything.


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