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What Is Life Without Love?

Some would say that they wouldn’t mind a loveless existence, but for most people life would be empty and meaningless. Love has so many different forms. We love our parents and family, we love our friends, we love our work or hobbies, we love books or movies – it’s all love. But perhaps the biggest love of all – the one we are always looking for, always dreaming of – is romantic love.

That same romantic love is sweet and idealistic, but at the same time very real and demanding in terms of how much work you have to put in so that it actually works – click here to read more on the psychology behind this. It’s not just the simple notion of giving love and being loved back.

It requires involvement and dedication.

So, how do you improve your love life? How do you make sure that your romantic relationship works for you?

Here are some tips.

Love Does Not Equal Sex

This is something people don’t often understand. You can love someone without being sexually attracted to them and you can have sex with someone without loving them. Of course, the former is much deeper and more meaningful than the latter.

If you truly want to feel good, aim to find love over sexual pleasures, as recommended here. And no one says you can’t have both if you focus on finding love.

Love Yourself

Before you can love someone else and be loved by someone, you have to learn to love yourself. Grow love for life, the things you like to do and for yourself. This way, when the right person comes, you’ll have a ton of love to give.

Share Your Feelings

The best way to make the other person happy is to share how you feel. Don’t hold it all in and don’t avoid saying what you truly feel. That will only set you apart. Talking about how you feel, whether you are angry, happy, sad or anything else will help you be more connected with your partner.

Spend Quality Time Together

When you’re in a relationship, one of the most important things to do is to spend time together in a good way. For example, sitting on the couch together and staring at your phones is not quality time, but possibly playing a board game or talking is. Your love choice should be to create memorable moments, spend time outdoors, do some activities, find common interests and hobbies and continue learning about and from each other.

Communicate When You’re Not Together

Today, distance is definitely not a big deal. There are so many different ways to communicate that you should definitely stay connected. If you want to make it even more romantic, you could send proper love letters to each other.

Don’t Be on Your Phones When Together

At the same time, you and your partner shouldn’t stare at your phones when you’re together. Enjoy those moments by being fully present and there for each other. Improving your love life is hard to do from behind the screen.

Spend Time With Happy Couples

While single people and coupled people can definitely enjoy an awesome friendship, couples work best with couples. It just makes everyone happy and satisfied. With another couple, you and your loved one could do so many things like taking classes, having dinners, clubbing and so on.

Forgive Them

When you and your partner fight, it can create some troubles in your long-term relationship, especially if you’re not willing to open your heart and forgive them. Give yourself some time to heal and think before you say something hurtful. And if you do, don’t be afraid to say that you’re sorry and that you want to make up for it. They should be able to do the same. Avoid bickering over things that are not that important.

Get to Know Your Partner Every Day

Love is complicated and the relationship with another person is too. You can’t just get to know someone in a day or a month and then see them as that person forever. People change and evolve and this means that you should learn about them all the time. This can also include understanding someone better sexually.

Listen to Advice, but Use Your Own Judgment

People will always have something to say about you and your partner and they will freely share advice on how to improve your relationship. While you should listen, you should also use your common sense and filter those tips through it. Don’t completely ignore them, yet don’t let them ruin your life if they are not right for you.

Don’t Lie

Lying to your partner is never a good idea unless it’s about a good surprise for them. So, avoid it as much as possible and be honest whenever you can. This goes both ways – your partner should also be honest with you. This is the basis of any healthy relationship.

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